What Not to Put in Self Storage

It may be the easiest way to rid your home or garage of clutter but moving everything to a self-storage unit takes time and understanding of the type of items that are usually not acceptable for these types of units. Most storage operators will provide a list of the types of merchandise that they do not allow in their units and following that list can save a lot of time and aggravation. If you try to move items in that are restricted, you will be instructed to remove them or possibly lose your space.

These restrictions are for your own protection as well as to protect others using adjacent facilities. Before you begin to move items in, if you have any questions about what is acceptable ask the manager of the self-storage facility. You should make an inventory of what you want to place in the unit and showing this to the manager can eliminate potential problems. They can look at your list and advise you what is and what is not permissible.

Nearly all storage facilities prohibit items that are considered dangerous such as gasoline, kerosene and other combustible items. Hazardous materials and those that are considered toxic will also be prohibited. Weapons and ammunition are usually prohibited along with fireworks and other explosives, including gunpowder, and not welcome in most self-storage buildings.

Some storage units allow the storage of vehicles provided they are registered and are insured. Many will also require the vehicle to be in working order but some may have an exception available for classic vehicles. Tires are generally prohibited, with some allowing a maximum of four, mostly due to the cost of getting rid of them of them if you leave without disposing of them.

Many salesmen that travel the country have found that self-storage facilities are a great way to keep their product samples and other related items within their territory without taking up space in their home. They can also use these units in other areas in which they work to do away with the cost of transporting them from one area to another. Most will allow for the storage of medical supplies with the exception of radioactive materials. In most communities the storage of radioactive materials is controlled and is prohibited in self-storage units.

Construction crews often find storage facilities are ideal for storing equipment and supplies, especially when working out of town and they make it easier to stop by and pick up what they need for each part of the job. For the most part there are few restrictions, but equipment used to locate water is one of the items that may have restrictions. These restrictions can vary depending on the part of the country you are in so it is best to check with the storage facility manager before moving equipment into storage.

Except for canned goods, foods and perishable items are generally restricted. In addition to being an attraction for pests, it is in your best interest not to put these items into an outside storage facility. Consider that these items will go out of date and if they are in an outside facility they are easy to forget about and possibly will go out of date before you remember to pull them out.

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David 3 years ago

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Ozy 3 years ago

As a Professional Organizer, I did some work for a Self Storage place. Couldn't wait to ask the owner about the contents of the units that were abnodnaed. The answer was that most of what was stored was simply junk that went to the dump after abandonment.I can understand short-term storage, but long-term is usually a waste of money, and prolongs the inevitable sorting and disposing anyway.

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