What Should I Buy For My Dorm or College Apartment

Back To School

It's almost time to get back to school. So what should I buy for my Dorm or college apartment? Only a few days are left to get ready by shopping, packing and moving in. College students are anxious and want to make sure that they have all the essentials for their place.

Colege Dorms

What Stuff Will I Need For My Dorm

What stuff will I need for my dorm is a question often asked by young college students. A list is often helpful s that's what I will provide. Common things needed for the dorm will be mentioned as well as things that are particularly helpful or nice to have in you living space.

you will need:


Pillow Cases




Waste Basket

Medium Garbage Bags



School Supplies for your Desk



Bulletin Board

Microwave if allowed

Back Pack

Carrying Bags


Cleaning Supplies





Often, the best college dorms are the ones that make the best use of a small amount of space.

Decorate A Dorm

How Would You Decorate A Dorm?

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Bring The Things You Love From Home

College can be a lonely place sometimes even though there are people everywhere. The problem is that they are all strangers at first. For that reason, bring some things from home that help remind you of home or that make you fell comfortable. Maybe you have a favorite stuffed animal that you've had for years or a favorite blanket or a favorite poster.

Is it family pictures that would help? Is it a favorite song? Anything that helps make you feel at home would be a good thing to include when getting things ready to take to your new dorm or college apartment.

College Dorm Man Cave

Man Cave - Dorm or College Apartment Needs

Pool Table
Fooseball Table
Sport Decor
This is they type of room that someone could come back to after a long day and just relax with friends.

Themed College Dorm

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caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana

Ikea is a fun place to get ideas for smaller areas and they are pretty inexpensive too!

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