What’s New with Granite Countertops

Stone countertops are a very popular type of countertops for homes and homeowners rarely have an issue with their preferred choice of stone and style. Because these countertops are so popular in the market there are many different styles and types for you to choose from in order to fully match both your home and your personal tastes. From the different kinds of cuts to the many different stones and patterns you can choose, new styles and popular types of stone countertops are many and varied.

Variety of Styles

There are always new styles of stone countertops being developed because new technologies allow for the development of new styles. New styles include the types of cut for the countertop, how the countertops are made, and which kinds of sinks can be installed. One of the most varied aspects of a stone countertop is the way you cut the edges or backsplashes. Edges can be curved or square cut, and many other types of cuts that allow for variability and personal style.

The Most Popular Types of Stone

Popular types of stone countertops usually include the variability of the types of stones. The most popular types of stone used in countertops include granite, marble, soapstone, pyrolave, and many others that are easily mined and shaped. Of these types, granite is probably the most natural looking even after it is treated and installed. This is because granite can have small cracks in between the crystals, which gives it a natural rough look. Marble is much more expensive than other choices but it is also one of the most well loved choices due to its history and beauty. Soapstone is a non-porous stone that is usually dark gray in color. People usually choose soapstone because it does not stain very easily. Pyrolave is probably the most unique in origin because it is constructed by natural lava rocks from the Volvic in France. Each of these types is decently priced comparatively and it is not difficult to find a good deal on your chosen material of a stone countertop.

Furthermore, you can have your countertops custom made. While this process may cost a little a more than simply using a standard countertop it might be worth it if you are looking for a very specific type and style of countertop. Custom made countertops have the added benefit of being specifically made for your home and they are far more likely to fit into your decor and personal styles even if those styles do changes over time.

Stone Countertops Add Value To Your Home

Stone countertops are known to put added value into your home. If you are thinking of selling your home at a later date a stone countertop can be a well made investment. Popular styles and types of stone countertops have a tendency to be universally well liked; therefore, if you are planning on selling your home it would probably be best to stick to the styles and types that are popular in general.

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