What’s the Difference Between Marble and Granite


Replacing countertops is a popular renovation in homes that add beauty, value, and durability to kitchens and bathrooms. Two of the more popular solutions include granite and marble countertops. Many homeowners want to know the chief differences between the two products to make sure they are getting the best product for the money.

The cost of getting new countertops installed can vary quite highly depending on a number of factors. It is impossible to do a universal cost-benefit analysis for this reason, as granite slabs can be anywhere from $8-$75 a square foot depending on quality and the region in which you reside. Marble countertops tend to be a little more expensive, but can also vary quite highly in quality. Determining the exact cost-benefit is going to be unique for each homeowner’s situation, so it is best to get a couple of quotes on both slabs and installations.


Because of its rarity and weight, marble is generally speaking the more expensive of the two to get installed. Obviously its weight is a factor during cutting and installation. Since marble is created from pressed limestone, it can vary tremendously in durability and color. The Marble Institute of America assigns a rating of A through D to the various types of marble, with A being the hardest and least porous. Marble can be a fairly porous stone, more so than granite, and so without proper care can be susceptible to stains. Lower grades of marble also can be scratched or damaged with hot cookware or even cutlery. Because of the higher price tag, consumers who buy marble countertops often try to save money by getting a C or D grade marble, but if you are going to go to the expense of having it installed, it is best to try to get grade A. Once marble has stained or scratched it can be difficult to get it repaired, and specifically in the case of staining the process is irreversible. Many cooks and bakers find marble to the best preparation surface, and because it is more rare than granite it adds immense value to a home.

Granite is often a bit less expensive than marble, and in general is far more durable and less likely to scratch. It is highly unlikely to scratch or crack unless abused immensely. It is far more likely to scratch or crack your cutlery, so you still must avoid cutting immediately on the surface, however beyond that it is fairly resistant to change. It is far less porous than marble and therefore highly unlikely to stain when it comes into contact with liquids but it is still best to wipe up spills as quickly as possible. With normal use, it is very unlikely that one can do any damage to a granite countertop, which is why it has become so popular over the last few years.

Marble and granite are both an excellent choice for your kitchen upgrade and you won’t be disappointed in the beauty and elegance they add.

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