Where Can I Buy A Replica Globe Bar?

I can't find a replica globe bar!

Replica globe bars are becoming harder and harder to find at local shops, so where do people go to find an affordable replica globe bar now? The answer may surprise you, but it's easier than you thought!

If you thought to yourself you'd need to visit an auction house or antiques store, you could, but a much easier way that also saves you time and money, is to purchase replica globe bars online. But before you find where to purchase one of these great home furnishings, it's a great idea to know what a globe bar even is.

What is a replica globe bar?

Replica globe bars aren't seen very often, so it's a valid question asking what a replica globe bar even is! For a brief overview, they're basically a replica, or copy, of a globe that's usually on wheels that holds a hidden compartment which people can store their liquor and glassware in. People often look at purchasing replicas because original, hand-crafted globe bars are incredibly expensive and hard-to-find, and who can blame them!

I've written a short article on globe bars in brief for more information: The Globe Bar - A Liquor Cabinet with Distinction.

They appeal to many kinds of people too, from those who enjoy cartography to those who enjoy unique furniture. These traits are what make it such a conversation piece, as everyone will always have a comment once they see it, and that's before you even open the globe to show that it holds drinks inside.

From the outside it looks just like a normal globe, and functions like one too in the more expensive and well-crafted models, even complete with a spinning outer-layer which is great for looking at the beautiful artwork that many of the older-styled maps often have.

Let's have a peek at what Amazon has on offer...

Where can I buy replica globe bars?

Well, there are a few ways to find replica globe bars, but the easiest by far is online!


If you're in America, Amazon is probably your greatest bet on buying new replica globe bars online.

Many of the biggest replica globe bar manufacturers sell all of their product ranges on some of your most well-known e-commerce websites, which means you've got the comfort of knowing your payment details are kept safe, you've got a great refunds policy to fall back on should your globe bar not be as described or arrive damaged and you've also got a bunch of previous unbiased reviews to help guide your purchases!


eBay is a great online auction site which will let you find not only new replica globe bars, but also semi-vintage or in some very rare cases, even antique globe bars. The older the globe bar, the greater the chance it's made of superior quality materials and constructed with greater craftsmanship.

You can also find some great deals here, as some sellers might start the listing very low to drive interest, but as it's quite a niche home furnishing, it might not find a dozen buyers and you could find yourself buying a great replica globe bar very inexpensively. Just be aware to check how much the shipping costs are, as it is a large item and quite heavy in some cases!

Things to watch out for when buying a replica globe bar online

Sure, buying online is great, you've got generally lower prices with the added convenience that comes with shipping to your house and not having to leave your seat, but there are a few things you should be aware of before buying a replica globe bar online.

  • Check the shipping costs
  • Check if you need to convert your currency first
  • Be sure to check the dimensions
  • Check the returns and shipping policy
  • If buying a used replica globe bar, make sure you see photos of everything!

The photos you want to see are:

  • Lid closed
  • Lid opened
  • Condition of interior cabinets
  • Condition of map, both interior and exterior
  • Hinge

It's also a good idea to ask if there are any visible defects, or anything that doesn't work properly before committing to a purchase of a used replica globe bar.


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So what are you waiting for!

Now that you know where to easily find replica globe bars online, it's time to do some research and find one that you like!

Below are both some examples again from the major e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay. These are great to begin your search with, and ideally, to find a globe bar that you like!

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What are your thoughts on buying replica globe bars online? 1 comment

Nick 2 years ago

Older globe bars are better, more authentic looking. The whole point of a globe bar is that it LOOK like a world globe, with the bar hidden inside. Many modern ones have a shelf on the bottom with compartments for bottles, etc. Stupid looking. Also dumb is the meridian on the modern versions. That's the curved piece that goes over the globe. All modern globe bars use a semi or half meridian. Globes from the 16th and 17th centuries - which these bars claim to replicate - had FULL meridians that ran all the way around the globe. They were calibrated, useful for determining longitude and latitude. Starting in the 18th century, this information was put ON the globe itself, making the full meridian unnecessary, so the half meridian wasn't in use prior to that. How freaking difficult is it to make a globe bar that is accurate looking?

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