White Birch Log Furniture - Cheap and Quality Grades


If you are considering white birch log furniture, you have several choices and styles to choose from.  Some of the types offer very cheap prices, but lower quality.  Of course, others will be high quality and higher priced compared to others.  You will see the different furnishing advertised in different ways to attempt to promote sales.  Knowing what popular catch phrases, like handmade, actually mean can help you decide if you are getting the best deal possible.  You will soon be able decide for sure what type of aspen, pine, cedar, or white birch log furniture is right for you.

Handmade:  This one can actually be a little bit misleading.   In many instances, handmade white birch log furniture, or that made of aspen, pine, or cedar, is actually made in a factory and then assembled by hand.  The pieces are often machined and made by computer or robots.  At this point, at least in many case, the parts and pieces are all put together by a real person.  Hand assembled and handmade can be used interchangeably many times.  Many people tend to get handmade confused with homemade when looking at rustic sets of white birch log furniture for a cabin or home.

Homemade:  This is the closest you will find to something made in a garage or workshop.  There are many people that make homemade white birch log furniture and then sell it.  You just have to use caution, since it would be quite easy to lie about it.  Don’t expect a cheap price if it’s really homemade.

Amish:  This one is tricky.  Amish made white birch log furniture is popular.  As such, the words Amish made have become a good marketing slogan.  If you truly want to buy Amish bed frames, Amish chairs, or Amish tables, you should buy them in the areas which they live.  It can be hard to trust online sellers of this type of product, but there are many legit companies out there.

Made in China:  Factory made white birch log furniture may be made of real wood, or it could be made of synthetic, plastic to look like wood.  You will really need to pay close attention to exactly what you are buying with this type of product.  In most cases, the prices will be very cheap on these bed frames, chairs, and futons.  This is because they may not be real wood and are generally a lower grade product.  You will be able to buy these online, on auction sites, or in large department or home furnishing stores.  You will love the low cost of white birch log furniture and the look will often pass, at least at first glance.

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VikingLogFurnitur 4 years ago from Central, MN

White Birch Log Furniture is definitely a unique style of log furniture.

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