White Bookcases - At Home in the Study, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen or Den

White shelves used for multi-storage items
White shelves used for multi-storage items | Source

White bookcases are the Swiss army knife of home furnishings. At home in the study, the bedroom, the kitchen, the den, or the living room, they can function in a variety of ways. Here are some suggested uses for white bookcases that can be found all around the house.

Of course the traditional use for any bookcase is going to be in the study, where it can house your cache of books. You may also find that it makes a convenient home for your entertainment equipment, like the sound system or the computer printer and other accessories.

Other Rooms in the House

In the den it seems that no one just has a TV, anymore. The TV is accompanied by a cable or satellite box, a DVD or Blue-Ray player, some have a vintage VCR, a 5 or 7 channel sound system with speakers, one or more gaming systems, and the occasional Apple TV or Roku box. The days of the simple TV stand seem numbered, and a low cost bookcase can be a way to expand the storage in the entertainment area.

If you have some curios to display, but don't have the space or the budget for a curio cabinet, then a simple white corner bookcase can do a wonderful job of displaying your favorite collection.

In the children's bedroom, a bookcase can be a great way to organize toys and books, and help children acquire a sense of order and incentive to keep things picked up and neat. Another old-fashioned way to add a bookcase in the bedroom is with a bookcase headboard for the bed.

In The Bathroom

If you are looking for bathroom storage and you don't have the space for a full linen cabinet, a small corner bookcase can hold enough linens for a small or half bathroom. There are many ways to add decor to a small space using one of these type of storage units.

Kitchen Bookcase

The kitchen is a good place for a bookcase. It is useful for storing and displaying your collection of cookbooks, and it's a handy place for a napkin basket, flower vase, and seasonal decorations. Changing out the books to reflect the season is a great way to vary the look of the bookcase too.

Even In The Garden!

If you are into gardening and don't want to invest in an indoor greenhouse, a low cost alternative is to set up some simple bookcases in an unused room, or even the garage or basement. Add a stand with some grow lights, especially some of the new high efficiency grow lights, and with some simple seed starter trays you can start your own tomato seedlings. Or try growing some low light indoor plants without a grow light.

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jennifertaylor91 profile image

jennifertaylor91 4 years ago from USA

white color of furniture is my first choice..Here white showcase is looking and shape awesome as well as perfect match for my living room...Thanks


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rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 7 years ago from Tampa Bay

I now have a white combo bookcase/hidden desk in my living room and I love it!! I have many books and now so many can be stored here and it's a great conversation piece in the front room... everyone wants to take a peek at the books we read, yes? nice hub.

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