Whole House Water Filter Options

Whole house water filters are getting serious consideration these days by heads of householders in an effort to secure their water supply. Previously they may have thought a Brita or PUR water filter secures their drinking water and perhaps a water softener removes the calcium carbonate from the water and they were good to go. Not anymore. More and more people are beginning to realize that their municipal water supply are not the bastions of 100% filtration that everyone thinks they are. They have their limitations and though the water through your tap does not taste offensive, there are myriad of contaminants and microscopic parasites that your municipal water authority will not be able to totally eliminate.

Municipal Water Hazards

Municipal water can be sourced from many different types of water systems that occur in nature. They could be drawing water from deep underground in the water table, from lakes and rivers, or from reservoirs that trap rainwater. Each of these sources have their peculiarities in terms of types and extent of contaminants. With rivers there is the issue of pollution released directly into these bodies of water. From groundwater there is the issue of runoff that has come into contact with chemicals in the soil and ground.

Municipal water authorities do their best to put cleaning mechanisms in place but increasingly our environment has become a contaminated place and it is generally acknowledged that climate changes will bring us more extremes in temperature and weather. One bad season of flooding or drought can severely impact a municipal water supply's capacity to deliver clean drinking water. We're talking about contaminants in street water runoff, agricultural and/or industrial runoff, and sewage effluent.

Water Filtration: A Localized Solution

Whole house water filtration is seen as a localized solution that can isolate a household to a great extent from external factors that can impact water quality. Such filtration systems are no doubt expensive and require maintenance, but then you don't have to think twice when you turn on a faucet in your home.
There are different types of whole house water filters for different contamination situations, however, most people are on some kind of local municipal public water supply and so I'll suggest solutions geared towards that rather than people who get well water or have their own water runoff collection system such those installed in the Virgin Islands and elsewhere in this country.

Stuff That's in Your Water

A general whole house water filter system takes into account certain basic impurities such as chlorine and Chloramine. These are chemicals intentionally put into the water supply to purify it. However your body will absorb chlorine readily through the skin when you're taking a shower. Their removal should be part of the best whole house water filter system that you can get your hands on.

There is a whirlpool whole house water filter and a ge whole house water filter sytem on the market today. Both are credible but you need to do your research. Some credible whole house water filtering systems come from a company called Equinox or Vitasalus. They claim that their system reduces sediment, particulate matter, volatile organic compunds, synthetic organic compounds, trace heavy metals like lead mercury, and iron, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, atrazine, benzene, and other contaminants. It also claims to remove tastes and odors.

What Whole House Water Filters Cost

A system like this will generally run for $500 to $1000. Expect basic systems like this that use some form of a whole house water filter cartridge to cost this much. There is probably not anything useful on the market under $500. Look for systems that cost in the region of $1000 as long as it does what you want it to do.

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