Why Do My Towels Smell?


Do your towels stink?

Do you wipe your hands on your supposedly clean towel only to find they smell like rotten eggs? This happens when your towels are affected by mildew. You may find your towels don't smell after you wash them then the moment you use one of them they start to stink. When they come in contact with water they stink like crazy.

What to Do About It?

What can you do to rid yourself of the horrible stink of the towels. No matter how many times you wash it the smell doesn't seem to leave? Do you not want to throw out all your infected towels but think you don't have much of a choice?

Baking Soda & Vinegar the cheap effective cure for this problem. These common household ingredients can wash away the stink on your towels. Just soak them in some baking soda & vinegar water solution, then when they are done cleansing. Wash away the baking soda & vinegar in your washing machine as usual.

Your towels should be fresh and smell like nothing at the end of your wash!

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