Why Everyone Should Own A Secretary Desk

Also called a bureau in Europe, secretary desks take up little space and in return provide great function.   In the center the desk flips down to reveal a multitude of storage nooks.  It has drawers to store pens, tape, staplers, and more.  There are usually small shelves to place papers or other important documents.  And even small cupboards to keep some things more private.  Then the desk flips up to hide your entire mess when the in laws “were just in the neighborhood.”  What can get better than that?  A piece of furniture that is on your side for once ;)

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home growing up was my great-grandmothers antique secretary desk.  It sat regally in the office getting little if any use and I thought it was beautiful.  Secretary desks are made up of 3 parts.  The bottom is a small dresser.  On top of that is a slant top desk.  And sitting stately on top of that is a bookcase.  I don’t know why these beautiful creatures have fallen out of fashion, if you ask me every home should have one.   The intricate wood work embellishments make up for the lack of computer space alone.

This gorgeous piece of furniture first appeared during the 17th Century and has evolved over time to accompany technology and become the modern computer desks we all know today.  The hinged writing surface turned into a fall drawer which turned into the pull out for computer keyboards we have now.  The little nooks gave way to wide open spaces for computer monitors and the book shelves have become sparse in order to be able to be disassembled and moved easily.

The secretary desk is a beautiful antique piece of furniture that is sadly fading out of existence.  I recommend that if you ever do come across one of these beauties that you pick it up.  It would make any home look more put together, and is still very useful even in the modern technology age.

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