Why Hire Professional Movers?

In today’s self-service society, people often think the best way to move their belongings is with a rental truck and a group of friends. After all, renting a truck is cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company. But, when you stop to think about all of the little things that go into planning a self-service move, is it really a better deal?

When you rent a moving truck, there are several minor expenses that can add up quickly. First, you’re responsible for purchasing gas. With gas prices higher than ever, this isn’t cheap, especially with a long distance move. Second, moving typically takes more than a few minutes. If you plan on getting a group of friends to help out, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be paying the dinner tab and providing drinks for everyone. Plus, it’s not always easy to get everybody on the same schedule. Third, it is essential that you purchase and use safety equipment properly. Failing to do so can result in the destruction of property and injuries to anyone involved.

So, rather than go the “easy” way, why not hire a professional moving company? A quick overview of what these companies provide makes it obvious that the benefits can far outweigh any added initial expense.

Why you need professional movers

Whether you want to believe it or not, professional movers have far more knowledge and experience on the subject than the average person. When it comes to moving large furniture and fragile items, the knowledge and on-the-job experience of a professional mover is invaluable. Instead of you and your friends doing your best not to scrape the paint off the walls while you try to slide your dresser down the stairway, professional movers take a far less-risky approach. This is because they have the proper training to move heavy, awkwardly-shaped objects without the guesswork.

Professional movers also have specialized equipment to help facilitate a safer, smoother move. The cost of buying or renting this same equipment for personal use—from dollies to moving pads to lift harnesses—can add a significant amount to the total moving cost. So, in many cases, it is far easier and cheaper to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Further, professional movers are trained to lift and move heavy objects. While you and your friends may have the strength, proper technique is also critical to prevent injury and ensure a safe move. Why risk injury to you or your friends (and hefty medical bills down the line) just to save a few bucks.

Besides saving money, a professional moving company can also save loads of time. While the guys from the neighborhood might not show up on time or feel the need to take excessive breaks, professional movers are capable and motivated to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With moving equipment and a knowledge of how to get any object moved, they won’t spend all afternoon trying to find the best way to get your furniture out the door. If you’re interested in a faster, easier, and safer move, it just might be a good idea to hire the professionals.

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