Why Is It Important To Mow The Lawn?


There are several reasons why it’s important to mow your lawn regularly.  Mowing your lawn is not just about the way it looks, although that is certainly part of it.


Lawn grass gets most of its nutrition from its roots.  However, most weeds typically get their nutrition from their leaves (by photosynthesizing, with the use of chlorophyll in their leaves).  Therefore, when you mow, it hurts weeds much more than the grass.

When a weed is cut down, it knocks back its growth schedule.  The weed has to devote a lot of energy into growing again.  And weeds which spread by seed may never actually have a chance to spread if you mow them often enough, because they don’t have a chance to grow big enough to go to seed.


Shorter grass gives better air circulation to the soil.  In damp climates, keeping the lawn short will let it air out and prevent fungal diseases and rotting conditions.  In dry climates, shorter grass lets water penetrate more easily to the soil, thus maximizing your watering budget.


Your lawn will grow better if it is mowed regularly.

Lawn grasses have two ways to propagate:  by going to seed, or by spreading through the ground with runners.  You want to encourage your grass to spread vegetatively, by spreading along the ground.  This also has the effect of making the grass thicker, which can help prevent weeds from gaining a foothold.

If grass starts growing long, it may try to go to seed.  When you mow the lawn, that signals it to start spreading horizontally through the ground. 

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rotl profile image

rotl 6 years ago from Florida

Useful hub... I knew about the other benefits, but didn't know about moisture control. My lawn is kind of sorry looking, so I guess I need to mow it more.

cnm 5 years ago

GOOD INFO. Like my lawn woolly, so do the dogs, but important to know that relatively regularly, not religiously mowing, will still keep a lawn healthy.

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