Why Is a Granite Countertop Better Than Laminate

Housing prices have begun to bounce back in recent months, particularly in the growth-oriented southern states, and this has turned the market from being in favor of the buyers to one that favors pretty strongly the sellers. To stay competitive in such a market, homeowners typically fight to squeeze every dollar they can out of a home, and doing so often means extensive kitchen remodel projects. The modern home, especially in rapidly growing areas, will need a luxurious kitchen to have maximum appeal to buyers.

Unless your home was built custom or recently remodeled, there is every possibility it came with a laminate countertop. Laminate countertops are perhaps the most common standard in single-family homes, but their higher-quality counterpart, granite, is rapidly gaining in popularity. There are a few reasons why granite countertops are becoming more and more prominent. I have outlined just a few of them here.


Perhaps the most notable reason why granite countertops are becoming the most popular solution for kitchen remodels is their extreme resistance to damage. Granite is certainly more expensive than laminate, it is true, but once it is installed it will essentially never need to be replaced unless you are being highly negligent or intentionally destructive. Granite is a very hard substance, highly resistant to scratching and damage from heat, and it is a very lowly porous stone, so it resists stains very well, too. Essentially, there is very little you can do to damage a granite top unless you are making a deliberate attempt. Conversely, laminate has little of these same qualities. Granted, some darker laminates resist staining fairly easily, but laminate is very easily scratched and can even develop stains and rings from moisture. This makes it far from ideal for kitchen countertops, since moisture is likely to be everywhere from washing dishes to food prep.


When people think of granite, they think of the tan-brown colored stone, and this causes some homeowners to steer away from granite for fear that it would require more extensive changes in the kitchen. A little research, however, will demonstrate that granite countertops are available in a surprising array of colors and styles, so it is very likely that a slab can be found that will blend in well with a home’s existing decor. And while different granite varieties do tend to have different levels of durability and stain-resistance, regardless of the granite you choose it will still be immensely more durable than a laminate coating.


Since granite countertops are growing in popularity, many of the homes in any particular area are going to have them already installed. This shouldn’t be a source of pressure to any homeowners who truly can’t afford them, but if you can afford them and you are looking to sell your home, you will want to install granite as quickly as possible. It will be difficult for a home without granite to compete with similar homes that do have them, and in a market that favors sellers so dramatically, you may find that granite countertops bring you more in resale value than it cost to put them in, especially if there is proof that they are brand new.

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