Why a $1 Move into a Storage Facility Can Be a Bad Idea

Some deals are simply too good to be true. The $1 move into a self storage facility is one of them. Despite its apparent appeal, this offer can be a bad idea for you, something that later on you might come to regret.

Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are the first reason why you should think twice before getting a $1 move in. A common hidden fee is the administration fee, which you will have to pay for the simple reason that you move into the storage building. A one-time-only fee, the administration fee cannot be refunded.

Other hidden fees that many $1 move-in companies use compel you to purchase insurance on your storage unit or other similar protection packages that you don’t want, and that most of the time you don’t actually need.

The overpriced lock is yet another hidden fee. The $1 move in company can make you buy it in order to get extra protection for your self storage unit. But it’s often a useless precaution if the storage unit is well guarded – as it should be in the first place.

Quick Rent Raises

Many $1 move-ins might offer you a low first month rent, but then a much higher one for your second or third month. Sometimes the raise is dramatic. It’s not uncommon for second month rents to be double than they should, just to compensate for the low first month rent. And these future rent raises are not always obvious from the start – they are well nestled in the fine print.

Make sure you ask about the rent in advance, and while you do that, also ask about the lease - how long does it have to be for you to get the $1 move in? Sometimes you will have to sign a six month lease to get the offer. Are you willing to do that?

Poor Customer Service

You cannot expect top customer service with a $1 move in. Of course, your stuff will probably not be damaged, but the guys handling your move will probably not be the friendliest and most helpful persons around. When it comes to move-ins, to get a good customer service you usually have to pay for it.


There are two other things you also need to consider.

  • Whether renting your self storage facility includes a free truck for moving in – which it should, as this helps you save quite a lot of time and money in the long run,
  • Whether it won’t be cheaper to choose a non $1 move in. Moving is expensive when done well, but sometimes a bigger initial payment is preferable, because it makes possible low future rents.

In conclusion, while it would be unfair to say that all offers for a $1 move into a self storage facility are bad, most of them turn out to be a major disappointment for customers, because of their subtle hidden fees, continuously raising rents, and poor customer service.

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