Why use bamboo kitchen utensils?

Bamboo is Eco Friendly

Bamboo is part of an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

There is one main reason why you would want to use bamboo utensil sets instead of wooden ones - because it's the eco-friendly choice. When you cut down a tree, the tree dies. However, when you cut back a bamboo stalk, it doesn't die - it continues to grow! It's part of the grass family so I guess it's sort of like when you mow grass - it just grows back up.

Forget the Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are a classic kitchen tool and for a while I felt guilty buying them. I saw a bamboo set in my favorite cooking store and I picked it up instead of the wooden ones. At first, I thought that the texture felt a little strange but over time I realized that they are actually sturdier than wooden tools. Now I like them a lot better.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

I don't know about you but I am always needing new cutting boards. My knives are sharp and they tend to cut into the boards until I eventually need to get them replaced. If you need new cutting boards, consider replacing yours with bamboo ones. I know that the next time I need new ones I am going to buy bamboo instead of wood.

This is one small thing you can do...

I am a big believer in taking little baby steps when it comes to taking care of the environment. It's all about being practical and doing what makes sense, too. Obviously, I feel as if it would be senseless to throw away all your existing kitchen stuff and buy bamboo instead.

However, when you find that you need new stuff, consider replacing it with bamboo. I know that wood gets nicked and even burned if you aren't careful so your wooden things will need to be replaced over time.

Ming Tsai Demonstrates Some of His Bamboo Products

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Philuc profile image

Philuc 6 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

I like your suggestion about taking baby steps and quite agree with the whole article.

kohuether profile image

kohuether 6 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thank you for the feedback Philuc! I am passionate about this topic so I'll be creating more hubs with more ideas like this. :)

CM 3 years ago

Thank you, totally considering

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