Window Treatments and Coverings for Arched Windows

Choosing the right window coverings for arched windows can be a little daunting. Just how do you cover up that space, or should you even cover it at all? Arched windows add architectural interest to a room, so don't let the prospect of covering them deter you from incorporating them into your home. With a little research and creativity, you are sure to find the right window treatment for your arched windows.

Consider using a pleated or cellular shade to cover the arched part of the window. This is a custom window treatment option, that generally requires the services of a professional decorator, who will measure the window and suggest options. The cellular or pleated shade may be mounted on the interior portion of the window, or and inside mounted, or it may be installed on the outer portion of the window for an outside mount. Both of these looks are vastly different, with varying degrees of light control and privacy. An inside mount will allow for the shade to mimic the look of a fan when fully closed in the arched portion of the window. An outside mount will provide for a cleaner, more steam-lined effect. Keep this in mind if you are choosing the pleated shade or cellular shade option.

A simple drapery may be placed at the ceiling directly above the arched window. When luxurious draperies are combined with elegant drapery rods, the look can be impressive. Make sure that the drapes pool on the floor beneath the window for the best look. This window treatment treats the window as a whole, without focusing on the existence of the arched portion. This will give a neat look that is excellent for light control and privacy.

Consider the use of a valance either mounted inside the arch or on the outside portion of the window. This is a perfect solution if you are not overly concerned with privacy issue or light control. Valances may be made with fabric to match existing upholstery in the room or may coordinate or complement pillows or other curtains. Valances may also be combined with other window treatments in the lower, straight portion of the window such as mini-blinds, shutters or verticals.

Consult with a window design professional to determine the best arched window covering options for your home.

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