Wittus Insert: The Fireplace by Design

Fire By Design, the slogan of Wittus fireplaces, couldn't be more accurate. The design and engineering of the fireplaces, wood stoves, and gas inserts immediately resonates with modern stove seekers. Comparable to Rias, Wittus offers a similar product while being anchored in the United States. Quite an advantage for state-side consumers of modern fire products. Wittus was founded in 1978 by danish native Niels Wittus. Wittus is headquartered in Pound Ridge, NY. With a dealer count nearing 125, Wittus has a slow growth strategy for market share.  The strategy, although uncommon amongst stateside and international companies, has proven a fruitful one. Profitability in the green burning sector has never been more in demand. A seller of danish-style fire products, Wittus' offer spreads across the following channels;

  • Wood Fireplaces and Stoves

Primarily freestanding. wood burning vessels with clad options of steel, soapstone, and sandstone. Brand lines in the wood class are Twinfire, Klassic, Cosmo, Cubic, Shaker, and Trendline. Multiple venting options are available in most models. In the wood insert class, Wittus offers the H530. Very similar in appearance and functionality of the Rais 60 insert, the Wittus H530 shows off a heavy hand of design within this ultra efficient wood burner. By manipulating the vent, dancing flames can be adjusted uniquely to suit your mood.

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  • Cookstoves

Wittus has a very pleasing offer in the cookstove class called Heckla. Ten custom color options are available to suit your style. You can also choose a natural stone option.

  • Gas Fireplaces and Inserts

The Wittus line of gas inserts and fireplaces give consumers the agility of fuel type, while maintaining the design integrity. Modern fireplace designers can often leave a design gap between the wood and gas brands that, at times, can turn off customers. Wittus' primary offering in the gas insert class is called The Flatfire. Utilizing a technology to manipulate the gas flames, the Flatfire can be rear vented. Heating capacity is up to 1200 square feet. The Flatfire is offered in Silver or black.

  • Outdoor Fireplaces and Accessories

Wittus provides and excellent selection of simple, but modern outdoor fireplaces and grills. For a modern grilling experience, try the Phoenix Grill. This monster weighs nearly 250 pounds and has consumer friendly grilling racks, accessories, and wood shelf. The natural characteristics of the cor-ten steel shroud around the Phoenix gives off a beautiful oxidized appearance. Along with the full range of fireplaces and inserts, Wittus provides a variety of attractive fire plates and utensils ensuring customers a one-stop-shop experience.

Having already established itself as a proper player in the modern fireplace market, Wittus continues to make strides in environmental issues surrounding the fireplace industry. Wittus prides itself as an eco-friendly, green retailer. Wittus cemented this reputation by winning a series of awards by peers in the industry. Whether you come to market seeking a modern fireplace now or in the future, keep Wittus in your sights.  

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