Wonderful Beans, to Eat or to Sit On

Beans on Toast!
Beans on Toast! | Source

In the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland baked beans are an essential part of the staple native breakfast. Whether served on toast or with sausages, eggs and mushrooms as part of a favoured morning “blow out” they are for many an integral part of the nation’s first meal. The baked bean is, in actual fact, a haricot bean, usually stewed rather than baked, and is invariably served in a sugary tomato based sauce which gives the beans an orange appearance and a slightly runny consistency.

It may seem odd then that the beans used in this popular, inexpensive and surprisingly nutritious British culinary offering are in fact native to North America, although they were introduced into Italy in 1528 and to France around a score years later.

In their (originally) native America the locals transgress the unwritten law by serving baked beans in various styles that depart, sometimes quite radically, from the English model. Boston baked beans, for example, arrive in a sauce containing salt pork and molasses. Beans coated in a tomato and brown sugar or corn syrup sauce are to be found in various places around the United States. In Quebec and Maine maple syrup will often be used in place of the tomato sauce.

Baked beans are famously a very cheap and convenient food. They may be cooked in a pan within a few minutes or, if in a situation in which there are no cooking facilities, they may be eating directly from the can. They contain protein and carbohydrates, and are low in fat. Indeed they are recognised to be singularly one of the most nutritionally balanced foodstuffs that one can eat.

But some beans are just for relaxing

The “beans” that go into making beanbags, on the other hand, have little by way of nutritional value. In fact they are usually synthetic, made from PVC. Not beans at all. And yet they are lightweight, portable, versatile, attractive, and extremely comfortable to sit on. Especially after a hearty breakfast.

One of the leading manufacturers of real quality beanbags is Fatboy, one of the world’s most innovative producers of real quality bean bags and other cutting edge modern furniture and household fittings.

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