Yellow Pine Porch Flooring - Wood Decking Pros and Cons


If you are in the market for tongue and groove yellow pine porch flooring planking boards, there are some things you will want to consider very carefully before you buy.  Some people may prefer to go with real wood, while others may prefer simulated composite, sometimes PVC, planking.  Either is fine, but for this article, I’d like to focus more on the pros and cons of real wood.  While you may have already decided on tongue and groove  yellow pine porch flooring for your deck, it still wouldn’t hurt to consider your options carefully.

The Pros of Yellow Pine Porch Flooring

Looks Real:  Unlike PVC tongue and groove planking, real wood looks great.  You’ve probably noticed before just how easy it is to spot fake wood floor material. You can generally tell the difference between composite decking and the real stuff pretty quickly.  You will absolutely love the rustic look you get.

It’s Green:  Unlike recycled plastic or PVC, real wood is fully renewable, making it a green option for those that are interested in this.

Can Be Refinished:  If your planking gets banged up, scratched, or starts to fade it can be sanded and refinished instead of replaced.  This means you can stain it a different color or tone if you choose to, so it can continue to match any updates you make to your home’s exterior look great.

Color Options:  You can go natural looking or you can use stains or even paint to spruce up the yellow pine porch flooring.  You will not run out of options, so you can make sure you get the right look.

Cons of Yellow Pine Porch Flooring

Should Be Covered:  You will need to have your tongue and groove yellow pine porch flooring protected from the elements, or it will become very prone to decay and rot.  This means you will need to use it on a covered deck or patio with at least some wall protection as well.  Of course, sealers and outdoor poly will help a lot.

Swelling/Contracting:  With any wood floor, this is a real concern.   Your tongue and groove yellow pine porch flooring will swell in humid or wet conditions and shrink in very dry arid conditions.  This can be a common problem and can make your decking boards look less appealing.

Requires Maintenance:  Yes, you can refinish the yellow pine porch flooring boards, but do you really want to?  Other materials, like PVC, will probably outlast your home.

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