Yes, I bought a $500 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Owner for over 12 years

Best Vacuum Cleaner Ever

Defending My Purchase

Given that I have always had pets, I have always battled dog and cat hair, dirty paw prints, kitty litter trails, hair balls and all other types of messes. I would typically purchase a mid level vacuum cleaner and generally be disappointed with their performance. Not to mention, the thing would give out in about a year. Mind you, I became very good at replacing belts and such. Nothing like sucking up one of those fur mice to burn up a belt. Nice thing about vacuum cleaners today is that you can typically make the basic repairs yourself.

Well, I was tired of buying a new $125 vacuum cleaner every year so I decided to research and commit to a higher quality vacuum. Needless to say, a Rainbow or Kirby was way too expensive for my budget, so I went for a newer product on the market, The Dyson. I purchased my first Dyson around 2003.

Upon bringing the vacuum home, I was subjected to laughter, jokes and jeers in regards to paying in excess of $500 for my new Dyson. My family members rolled with laughter as I pulled the colorful vacuum from the box. I must admit, it does kind of resemble a toy.

"You paid $500 for that vacuum cleaner?" and they would proceed to laugh even harder.

All I kept saying was, "Wait, just wait."

And to myself I was saying,"Don't let me down."

For effect, I vacuumed the house with our old Bissell. By old, I mean, it was probably no older than 6 months. The carpets did look clean. I then vacuumed with the Dyson. Everyone could see the dirt, trash and hair that was circling in the bagless container. In just a few minutes, they were left standing there with their mouths hanging open.

I turned the vacuum cleaner off and with a confident smile of pride, I said,

"Yes, I paid $500 for THIS vacuum cleaner."

Since that time, we have moved into a bigger house. The old Dyson is not what it use to be so you guessed it. I went back out and bought another one. The old one is still in use in the downstairs playroom and the new one is one of those roller ball types that turns on a dime. The best improvement is in the weight. The newer model is much lighter and easier to maneuver.

When I brought the second vacuum cleaner home, thefamily just "oooohhhed and aaahhhed" over the new new addition to our family. Not a single snicker or joke. In fact, we fought over who would get to use it first.


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