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Why are coffee grounds good for your garden?

I was at a coffee shop and they have a sign that offered free coffee grounds for the garden. Why do coffee grounds make good compost?

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JP Carlos (jpcmc) says

4 years ago
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    tmbridgeland 4 years ago

    Plus, they add organic matter that helps hold nutrients and water. Blended in to the soil they improve the texture. You can make a decent potting soil with coffe grounds and soil mixed.

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Jennifer Arnett (Availiasvision) says

4 years ago
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aishah7 says

4 years ago
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    JP Carlos (jpcmc) 4 years ago

    You may want to throw in banana peels (shredded of course) into the mix. They're high in potassium, another essential nutrient plants need. I usually make a compost with coffee, banana peels and use it for my plants.