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Can I legally force my ex to change back what he altered in our house and property?

We are separated, he is living in the house and I have to couch surf. What he didnt throw out of mine, he burned. Courts did not give him sole possession of the house.(we never took that step for fear that they would force it to be sold) He moved his gf in and they have altered inside the house and knocked down trees outside, moved boulders, and added a 2nd driveway. (I pay the taxes which will now increase) Oh, the 2nd driveway is on the adjacent owners property. They are never out that way to see what he has basically stolen from them.

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MickS says

4 years ago
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    Roberta McIlroy (landscapeartist) 4 years ago

    I know that I need to ask a lawyer but i cant afford the consultation fee as well as the downpayment for svs if I can get some advice from someone who has gone thru it too.

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fatfist says

4 years ago
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