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How do you know when you need a new slow cooker?

I have a slow cooker that was a gift. The brand is Rival. It seems to cook too hot. Everything I have ever made in it burns. I'm just about ready to throw it out the window! I had an old crock pot that worked wonders this new one hasn't successfully made one meal! I know Rival isn't a great brand but I wonder are all new slow cookers no good? Does anyone recommend a particular brand and model? Or any tips for slow cooking? I would greatly appreciate it.

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twig22bend says

4 years ago
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    Sharice (Sharicey) 4 years ago

    Thanks and you're absolutely right about the liquid. I have been following the recipes exact but maybe its not enough liquid for the size of my slow cooker which isn't big its 6quarts(maybe). Thanks for the advice.

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Sophia-LeAnne says

4 years ago
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