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What to do when your tomato plants outgrow their cages?

HELP!! My cherry tomato plant measured at 7 ft 4 inches 2 days ago. They are several feet over the cage. The cage has began to fall over and the whole top of the plant has now fallen over. They are against the house in a garden. We have attempted staking out, but it isn't working. I don't want to lose the plants. We have well over a hundred cherry tomatoes on the top half that is falling over that I don't want to waste! Ideas please?

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LongTimeMother says

16 months ago
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    Peeples 16 months ago

    Thanks. We have made a mix of chicken fencing and poles to keep it in place for now. I guess I will need to make some of those because still have more plants growing thatll be tall soon.Nature has been very kind to our plants if I can keep them going

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Eugene Brennan (eugbug) says

16 months ago
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    MizBejabbers 16 months ago

    Good advice except for the copper tubes. We live in the south and recently had to remove our metal tomato cages and substitute plastic coated wire ones because the metal was cooking our plants.

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RTalloni says

16 months ago
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The Examiner-1 says

16 months ago
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    DzyMsLizzy 16 months ago

    We have the same situation, but picking and eating is not yet possible, as they are still green.

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Peeples says

16 months ago
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    Eugene Brennan (eugbug) 16 months ago

    If you live in a single story building, it might be easy to tie a piece of thin cord or string to a cup hook screwed into the soffit or even tie it around the gutter. Then just loop the other end of the cord around the tomato plant.