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Will you send prayers for Kamiah, Idaho that is currently on fire? People losing their homes.

Lightning struck Kamiah, Idaho and the country and town are burning. Families have lost everything including the companies that hired them. Sadness has fallen upon the people, and this is also the home of the Native Americans called the Nez Perce. Home after home and family after family have been affected. My own nephew is still there trying to hold the ground with his family. They have watched family, friends, neighbors,and all be lost. This also has affected the huge wildlife population. I am asking Americans to take a stand to help in any way, thoughts, prayers, etc.

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John Connor (connorj) says

17 months ago
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Kevin Goodwin says

17 months ago
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    ladybluewriter 17 months ago

    I found out the fire has not yet burned the city, but surrounds it, and many homes and all across the river were destroyed. We are keeping in touch minute by minute, and the people are continuing to ask for prayers and help. Thanks