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Does the trend of home waste disposal indicate society has learned to recycle? Is there value?

Over the last year I noticed I take my recycle waste bin to the street every week. I take my trash / garbage bin about every 3 weeks now. Less work for me ;-) Have I been conditioned by a new emerging society? Of course I do not cheat and follow the guidelines.

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Best Answer Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) says

9 months ago
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Alan Robert Lancaster (alancaster149) says

9 months ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 9 months ago

    Wow -0- I thought it was easy for all developed nations peoples. That is a problem.

    Oh by the by we recycle air here but it really is a stinky

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Arthur Russ (Nathanville) says

9 months ago
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    Tim Mitchell (tsmog) 9 months ago

    I have learned from Alan and your contribution my 'perception' of recycling is tainted. I took for granted my lifestyle and the communal means here were typical. I realize they are not. hmmmm . . . I wonder how to address that with a Hub? Thanks!!

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