Create a Charming Bathroom with Antique Bathroom Vanities

Vintage Vanities: Out With The New

To create a charming bathroom, start with an antique bathroom vanity. Vintage furnishing is enjoying a new surge of popularity, so you can actually purchase an antique appearing piece that is brand new. Or, you can start with a piece of furniture that has been handed down through the generations, and convert it into a bathroom vanity.

Because the vanity is usually the only real piece of furniture in the bathroom, it will automatically become the focal point for your room. As you shop, you will discover that there are plenty of antique cabinets that have already been converted for use in this fashion. When purchasing a top for your vanity, look only for stone or marble, which is most suitable for this era. If your budget won’t allow for that, use faux marble tops. Your faucets should be of antique brass, with ceramic handles. All knobs should be converted to ceramic. Wall sconces on either side of a wood framed mirror will help to complete the picture. Antique mirrors can be picked up rather cheaply on eBay, at flea markets, or estate sales and auctions. If you are replacing the tub, a claw foot tub with antique faucets and a hand held shower will be both appropriate and convenient. You want it to look authentic, but you naturally want all the modern conveniences as well. Shower curtains from that era surrounded the entire tub and hung from a circular rod. Brass curtain rings would be used. If you have enough floor space, an old wooden trunk would be a delightful way to store your towels and also provide convenient seating for you. If you have a built-in linen closet, replace the long wooden door with two shorter glass doors, and add your ceramic knobs.

The Classic Look

Accessorize with candles and a brass soap dish. A wooden or stone bowl to hold hand towels and a dish of potpourri and you have a beautiful and charming bathroom, with your antique bathroom vanity as the focal point.

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Ksenia Kuznetsova 4 years ago from Ukraine

I love vintage furniture.

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