Antique Furniture For The Bathroom

The Allure of Antique Vanities

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that makes antique bathroom vanities so intriguing? Let’s take a trip back in time about a hundred years. This is a time before cheap plastic was invented. Wood still reigned supreme, and since the assembly line had yet to be invented, wood craftsmanship was a very valuable trade. A sense of care and pride went into what we now call antique vanities. While copies of certain patterns were certainly made, because they were not mass-produced each one seemed to have a sense of uniqueness.  The owners of such vanities had a pride of ownership, a feeling that the vanity was theirs and theirs alone.

We weren’t lucky enough to have one when I was a child, but I remember my grandparents having one. It stood about five feet tall, and it had a dark stained finish. The legs of the vanity were fashioned after bear paws. It was the only one of its kind I have ever seen, so it still stands out in my memory some 30 years later. That’s what an antique bath vanity is supposed to do. It captures your attention, and makes an impression upon your memory. When I walk into a room that has an antique vanity in it, for a moment in my mind, I can travel back to a time when everything displayed a superb craftsmanship, a time where things didn’t have an artificial feel, and everything was real. When vanities were painstakingly carved and nailed together by craftsmen who had spent decades learning their craft.

Don’t misunderstand me. I know the invention of the assembly line allowed things to be mass-produced, which gave millions of people access to things they couldn’t afford otherwise. But I do know for a fact that quality was sacrificed in the name of progress for quantity. Having an antique bathroom vanity helps me feel a connection to my ancestors in a way that simple photographs can’t quantify. It takes me to a place where there are no automobiles, no deadlines, and a man or woman could slow down and enjoy life to the fullest measure.

If you think your bathroom needs something to give it some character, if you think your home furnishings say something about you, you should consider getting an antique bathroom vanity. A house is just a thing made of wood, brick, and stone. A home is a living thing that you bring life to with yourself, your family, and your furnishings. An antique vanity doesn’t just change the appearance of a room, it changes its character and personality as well. The type of personality depends on you and what your tastes are. Trade Winds Imports has a huge selection of antique bathroom vanities, so you should be able to find one that will change the personality of your bathroom to what you want it to be.

The variety of Antique bathroom vanities that Trade Winds Imports has to offer is nothing short of incredible. I’ve just browsed through seven different pages of them, and no two vanities look alike. Some of them have a rustic pioneer type feel to them, while others seem to be fit for a king and queen. It’s the most eclectic and awesome array of antique bathroom vanities I have ever seen. Each piece is a display of craftsmanship and functionality that is rarely seen in today’s post industrial revolution world. Any one of them could serve as a movie prop, which would allow the viewer the suspension of disbelief and take them to another time period. I know some who are reading this might be thinking, “yes, an antique bath vanity is nice to look at, but don’t you sacrifice function for form?” The answer is absolutely not. The antique bathroom vanities from Trade Winds Imports offer both form and function. If equipped, water will run through them and drain out of them just as well as any mass-produced product, and the superiority of the design is self-evident. If you prefer your antique bathroom vanity to have a wood stain finish, or if you like the black hard wood with the fossil stone counter, or you like an elegant white finish with a marble counter top, chances are Trade Winds Imports has the right antique bathroom vanity for you. Each vanity comes with its own character and uniqueness that will transform your bathroom into a room with a personality all its own.

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