Architectural Mailboxes

The Perfect Combination Of Functionality And Great Looks!

Architectural mailboxes present the ultimate way to embellish the exteriors of your home; a functional yet aesthetically pleasing accessory. You will find that there is no dearth of designs and colors when choosing these decorative mailboxes. Also, these mailboxes are safe, secure and spacious to accommodate a lot of letters. So, if you are mulling over the prospect of buying one for your home, here is a look at why you definitely need one of these ornate mailboxes; tips on choosing one and how to tackle the price disparity that you will see between the various designs.

courtesy of aunt owwee
courtesy of aunt owwee

Why buy a decorative mailbox for your home?

The design and the color of your decorate mailbox can add immensely to the look of your home. Regardless of the color of the exterior walls and the other accessories used, a normal mail slot simply does not have the appeal of an ornamental mailbox.

Not only are these decorative mailboxes good to look at but also they are very sturdy and safe. With the instances of identity theft gaining alarming proportion, the best way to protect your personal and sensitive information is to use a strong and secure mailbox that cannot be opened easily.

These mailboxes are designed according to the size specifications of the USPS. They are available in a plethora of designs and colors and are manufactured through the use of an assortment of materials.

Decorative mailboxes are watertight so you do not have to worry about the safety of important documents sent to you via mail.

The ol rusty mail slots are a far cry from these customized decorative mailboxes which will reflect on your style quotient and aesthetic value.

Depending on the type of mail that you receive, you can get these mailboxes custom designed to suit your requirements which is simply not possible with a regular mail slot.

These mailboxes can be a boon for pet owners, particularly who own dogs that have a penchant for chewing letters. Your decorative mailbox will keep your mail safe and away from your pooch.

The curbside boxes are big enough to be easily spotted by the mailman. Because you can mention the number of your house or even your name on these boxes, you greatly reduce the likelihood of receiving wrong mail and can also reduce instances of lost mail, which are often delivered to the wrong house in the neighborhood.

Boxes are available in aluminum, tin and steel to suit your budget. These mailboxes are a long term investment and once installed correctly, they will last you for years to come.

courtesy of daveandlolo
courtesy of daveandlolo

Tips on choosing one for your home

Safety should be your primary concern when choosing a mailbox for your home. You will find that architectural mailboxes are designed to exceed the standards set by the United States Postal Service and they come with a patented parcel delivery door that protects against theft.

The next thing to consider is the size of the box; this will largely depend on the volume of mail that you receive and the envelope size used by the senders.

Once you have dealt with the essentials, you can look at the decorative appeal of the mailbox. Choose a color that either compliments the paint used on the exterior wall or contrasts it. You could also match the mailbox with the color of the door or any other accessories used outside. If you would like to choose a more traditional look, try boxes in rich wooden colors.

Choose the material of the mailbox depending on where it will be placed and how much you want to spend. You can get decorative boxes in wood, plastic and metal. Ideally, you should choose a box that can endure the weather conditions in your area.

Finally, consider the price of the mailbox. Since there is an extensive variety of boxes available, you should have no problem finding one that suits your taste and your budget.

courtesy of lara604
courtesy of lara604

The prices of decorative mailboxes

Because architectural mailboxes are available in a myriad of designs, shapes and sizes and can be manufactured from a variety of materials, you will find that their prices vary greatly.

If you are looking for the cheapest option, boxes made from tin are quite affordable while aluminum is light weight, sturdy and easy on the pocket. On the other hand, steel boxes come with a higher price tag but their long life span and corrosion resistant surface are well worth the price. Steel boxes are very sturdy and since there is minimal wear and tear of the material, these boxes give you hassle free service for several years.

The design that you choose will also have a bearing on the price of the mailbox. For instance, a high quality mounted mailbox will cost you in the range of $50 to $150.As opposed to this, the roadside mailboxes are more spacious and expensive at $100 to $250 and more. The price is not inclusive of the pedestal needed to mount the mailbox.

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