Buying Guide for Budget Shutters

Consider D-I-Y shutter installation to stay on budget
Consider D-I-Y shutter installation to stay on budget

Can't Afford Wood Shutters?

If you know anything about interior shutters, you’re already aware that purchasing wood shutters is your best option when you can afford them. They add both value and beauty to any home or office. There are times however, when funds can be tight, or you’re thinking of using a shutter solution in an area where you don’t want to spend much money, like the garage or workshop. That’s when budget shutters may be the answer.

Buying Budget Shutters

Thankfully, there are inexpensive options available, including lower cost materials, such as poly or vinyl, which will keep your costs down. I won’t lie to you; vinyl shutters do not look as good as wood shutters. They can’t, they’re made out of different material. You get what you pay for, which may not matter if you’re shopping to cover the windows in your garage but it might make a difference to you if you’re dressing your livingroom windows. The good news is, it’s not forever and luckily, you still have another option.


To gain quality while keeping the price affordable, try Do-It-Yourself shutters. Interior wood panels can be purchased and installed in pretty much any type of configuration. Your best bet is to find a place that sells wholesale or discount wood shutter panels but keep in mind that with all things, do your due diligence.

One thing to note is that if you've never installed shutters from scratch before, it's a good (great, actually) idea to get advice from one of the big box stores, or watch a video (see below) before starting. You need a bit of patience for this procedure but you'll be rewarded with savings over what you'd spend for custom built or professionally installed shutters.

DIY Shutter Installation

Buying Guide

Most expensive wood shutters are made from basswood. It’s a warm, rich, hardwood with a fine, uniform texture that is ideal for finishing with stain or paint. When it comes to buying budget shutters in individual panels for your D-I-Y project, check to see if basswood is offered and if it fits in your price range. If so, bonus!

The first thing you need to do before buying or ordering your panels is to determine not only the size you’re looking for but also how you will mount your shutters. Installation may be straight forward and fairly easy, just requiring some hardware and screws. If you must (or want to) attach them to the outside of the window opening, you may need to use hanging strips. Any reputable dealer will be able to assist you with information on the best way to hang your shutters.

Do Your Homework

As with all products - brands, sellers and types are not created equal. Perform due diligence and research the types of budget shutters available to ensure that you find ones that not only fit your limited resources but that you can feel good about having, too.

Hope this Buying Guide for Budget Shutters has helped you, at least a little.

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