Scentsy Ideas: Reusing your Travel Tins.

Travel Tin
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What are Scentsy Travel Tins?  These are little tin boxes that slide open to release Scentsy Scents whenever you need them.  Inside these Travel Tins, you get Scentsy scented wax which releases fragrances whenever the tin lid is open.

However, there is a catch to this scented wax.  Please do NOT store them in an area with extreme heat because the Scentsy scented wax will melt.  At room temperature they should be fine. 

Take these travel tins and add them anywhere –

                School Lockers

                Gym Lockers

                Hotel Rooms

These travel tins can be mailed as gifts to anyone anywhere too…just a little reminder that you are thinking about them from a distance.  You can put them into a regular letter envelope and send it off with a stamp. 

Once the wax is gone, you reuse the tins for Scentsy scented wax again. You can do this by adding new scents to your tins. Here are the steps (Adults please supervise your kids. Kids please don’t attempt this without Adult supervision):

1. Wipe the tin with a rag little water and let the travel tin dry

2. Make sure you have a towel or tablecloth to work on so the wax will harm your

3. Melt the wax you want to add to your travel tin

4. Put on oven gloves because you will be handling some melted liquid wax

5. Pour the melted liquid wax slowly into travel tin until the it’s full

6. Let the travel tin sit until the wax has cool and solidified.

7. You’ve just created a new scent for your Travel tin.

Or you can reuse the travel tins as coin holders in your car after the wax is gone. Or use them to hold small items such makeup powder or eye shadow holder.

There are a variety of scents that come with these travel tins.


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