Where to buy carpet in Arlington Texas

If you need to find carpet in Arlington, Texas, then you have come to the right place. You will have the unique opportunity to learn from my experience. I will show you who offers a value for your money, and who offers a great deal, until you actually look at the terms. 

Finding carpet in Arlington isn't hard, finding quality carpet at a decent price can be a little more challenging, but hopefully, you can use my research to help make your decision easier.

Carpet in Arlington, Texas- The Adventure Begins

When we first saw this house in Arlington, Texas, we thought the carpet was gorgeous. It was a lush, dark green that really added to the look of the home. Once we moved in, we realized that the renters who had lived there before were very creative. They had pets that apparently they never saw the need to let outside, and they smoked like chimneys. This lead to a carpet that neither looked or smelled like it did when we looked at it. They accomplished the beautiful carpet effect with the judicious placement of furniture and rugs. They covered the smell with air fresheners.

After we moved in, and realized the situation we were in; we had a child who was spending a lot of time sitting and playing on a carpet that was absolutely FILTHY. The odor was enough to  make you sick within a few minutes. However, we had also just quite a bit of money to move in to this place, and didn't have a lot left over. We had the carpet cleaned three or four times to no avail. We were going to have to find decent carpet at price that would fit our strapped budget.

Carpet in Arlington, Texas- The Process

Once we realized that we needed to get new carpet, and get it quickly, we started looking on the internet, much like you probably did, we searched for things like "carpet arlington texas" and started trying to figure out the best choice. We went to Home Depot and Lowes to check out their selection, but their deal looked too good to be true (it was). We checked out a place called Flooring Warehouse, and found them to be too expensive. We had people come over and measure our house, and give us insanely high quotes.

After going through all of that, we stopped by GED's one afternoon to look around at their selection...

GED's: My choice for quality carpet in Arlington, Texas

Carpet in Arlington, Texas: GED's

If you're looking for carpet in Arlington, Texas, or the surrounding area, the GED's is a great place to go. I really wish we had thought of them first, it would have saved us a lot of time. They had a great selection of all different types flooring at very reasonable prices. Their staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They didn't even mind my five year old trying to destroy the place at every turn. They gave us a great price, the installers were prompt, efficient and thorough.

In short, if you want to buy carpet in Arlington, Texas, you should start with GED's.  You may find that your search ends with them too.

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