CHEAP DECORATING IDEAS: Budget Home Decoration With Style

This is our zen living room-on my apartment
This is our zen living room-on my apartment


So, you finally have the guts to move out your parent's house. You are so excited to decorate your very first pad...You're too eager to buy stuff that will look good on your new place..At last, you will be your own boss...No one has a say on how your house should look like, but you. You can now show the world how creative you are when it comes to making your house look great and well maintained... But there's one little problem...YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY.

Oh, well, you can always make your first apartment look fabulous without really buying pricey furniture and stuff. You need not max out your credit card, nor withdraw your money at the bank up to the last cent. There are ways that you can decorate your place still with style, without going overboard. I'm sure you want to still have money to buy food for your new home after.

floor lamps can do wonders on your new house
floor lamps can do wonders on your new house
Magazines can be your decoration too
Magazines can be your decoration too
CD's can also be part of your decoration
CD's can also be part of your decoration


For novices, you just need basic furniture and appliances, until such a time that you already have money to splurge on other not-so-important stuff.

First rule of the thumb-BE RESOURCEFUL. You can ask your mom to give you the ancient coffee table that they stocked in the garage. Sure, we want to have brand new furniture for our new home, but if you really can't buy new things, why not improvise a little, right? If you don't have a magazine rack, scatter your magazine collections on one part of the room. For your cd's, pile it in one place for the meantime if you can't buy a cd rack.

You can be as creative as you can when decorating your new house, even you're on a fixed income. Like what I did when i finally moved out from my parent's house, instead of buying cushioned sofa's that will cost a fortune, I went mall hopping, checked all the displays and found myself buying 4 big-sized floor pillows that serves as my sofa. I matched it with a rectangular wooden center table, topped it with japanese candles...I have a zen-type living room as a result.

Always check out for sales. You can go to the thrift stores found just everywhere. If something catches your attention, visualize. Imagine if it will look good on your house, or if it will complement with the items that you already bought. Since guests will be sitting practically on the floor (because of the floor pillows), might as well buy a carpet that will match with your design. There's a lot of websites that has the best deals in the market. I'll go for oriental rugs if you ask me. To match the mood that I already set.

Lamps will add style to your house. There's a lot of lamps that are not really pricey like you think. Floor lamps look sleek, settle with the natural colored ones. Make it as simple yet stylish as you can, but never overdo with decorations. Add dimmed lights to some crucial parts of the room. Candles will also looks remarkable and relaxing. You can create your own candles if you have time.

This dining set is not space-consuming..perfect for your first home!
This dining set is not space-consuming..perfect for your first home!

I focused so much on the living room..well, that's the first thing your guests will see upon coming in, so it really has to look superb.

As for your dining room, you need to look for REAL chairs and REAL table. Since you will just use floor pillows for your sofa, find best deals on dining sets. You don't want to have cramps on sitting on the floor forever, don't you? There's a lot of great finds at, check bargains online, or go to garage sales. place a center piece vase or candle on the table.  If the table is a little rusty, cover it with a fabric that complements the color of the room. Then, add some lighting to make the mood different.

As for the kitchen utensils and stuff, buy just the basic needs like half a dozen spoons and forks, a handful of knives, around 5-8 glasses, a small stove, couple of pans here and there...These won't cost you too much money.For your dish rack, settlle for the wooden ones, buy a dish cryer at a later time. 

For your walls, one good option is to place your pictures. Buying a painting is not sensible.  Yes, it really feels nice to have a painting pasted on your wall, but it's not worth your penny for the time being.  You can buy good frames at garage sales and thrift shops.

You can do anything in your bedroom. You can decorate it however you want. It's your own world.  It's your room in the first place so NO ONE has ANY right to ask you to re-decorate it or something.  Now, to cust down on the cost, instead of buying a bed frame, mattress will do.  Buy tons of pillows to make it look comfy. Buy a lamp add style.  I suggest you but those custe little lava lamps or glitter lamps.  They are relaxing to look at.  No need to buy wallpapers.  Be resourceful and use sheets from your old magazines as your wallpaper.  You save it from being just plain junk and at the same time, your room will look trendy yet you're still a penny pincher.  Now, you will need at least a side table or a head board.  Pile up your old hard bound books, cover with a good linen, tada!!! you have a side table.

Lastly, for your comfort zone-the bathroom, make it sure that it looks inviting.  For me, this is where you can mirror the owner's personality.  So make it sure that it's always dirt-free.  Again, find great deals online or check out the thrift stores for the toiletries.  One thing I consider a must on bathrooms- MIRROR! There are mirror's that are not expensive.  Put a rug here and there (there's a lot of rugs for sale). Invest on air fresheners. 

By following these simple pieces of suggestions, you just turned your new house into a rubby yet chic place. Ironic, isn't it? 

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 7 years ago from London UK

Great tips here!

I know some people who spend lots of money on interior décor, and others who don't, and you would never be able to tell the difference!

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hey thanks !

It's not HOW MUCH you'll need to spend to make it look fab. It's the overall décor that matters. Your house will still look expensive if you have a taste of fashion in your blood.

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 7 years ago from London UK

I have only ever rented! but i still try to make my place as homely as possible!,

I hope i have fashion in my blood!


mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

I'm sure you do! :)

Mind you, I am only renting but I make it sure that my place looks nice :)

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 7 years ago from Hermosa Beach

nice hub, you're right, having a new apartment don't have to be expensive, all you need is a little creativity and style and it does not need to follow certain rules as long as it looks good and functional.

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Midnightbliss!!!

We just have to be resouceful sometimes and we don't need to splurge too much, right?

Thanks for commenting :) Regards!

Tinkerbell 7 years ago

Wow . . . some great ideas for redecorating your home. I just redid my home in preparation for selling it. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. Each room was painted and each floor was recovered with carpet or hardwood. I did a lot of decluttering and added some new items, i.e. lamps, mirrors, plants and the house looked great. I found some of my decorating items at

Camisetas 7 years ago

Great tips! A good thing to remember in the decorating budget is you can’t predict the total cost. It’s good to have a “cushion” of 10 to 20% because unexpected costs usually arise.

Home Décor | Home Accents 6 years ago

Decorating your home is fun and doesn't have to be expensive always. There are plenty of retail and online stores offering beautiful décor and accents for the smaller budgets and DIY always does save money a lot of money.

We have always tried to do as much as possible ourselves and only hired a professional for jobs we really didn't know how to do it.

Great lens and great tip.

Kathy Erickson 6 years ago

Great Hubpage. It's amazing how great you can make your house look on a budget. My husband and I got a dining table kind of like the one you show up above and it was surprisingly cheap (the counter-top height table).

almasi profile image

almasi 5 years ago

Thanks for an informative hub.

saif 5 years ago

very very nice and great information hub. thanks

SUSANJK profile image

SUSANJK 4 years ago from Florida

Great ideas. I like the idea of checking out thrift stores. I have found some great bargains there.

Jocelyn Carstens 4 years ago

I appreciate your ideas..Above all ideas are enough to easily redecorate home furniture withing good budget...Thanks


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