Cheap Kid's Room Decorating Ideas

Cheap Kid's Room Decorating Ideas

The first suggestion for decorating a kid's bedrooms is, let the kid help in the selection process itself and in the decoration. Let the kid become part of the process will not only make him like the room that he helped create, as he will have learned some valuable tools for his life.

The next step is to organize. The kids will be more likely to keep their rooms tidy, if there are cardboard boxes or other places where to put things. Also it is not a bad idea to label drawers and storage areas for the little ones. This helps them to remember what goes where. If they are too young to read, for example, you can take pictures or make drawings of objects.

Start Decorating the Kid's Room

To begin the process of decoration, the first thing to do is choose a theme. Even if it is only one color scheme it gives you a project. Remember to ask the opinion of your kid. Give them guidelines and then let their imagination flow. Some great themes for kids rooms include garden, jungle, space, cowboy, trucks and trains, fairies, teddies, favorite animal, letters and numbers, among others.

Cheap Decorating Ideas

How to do it all on a budget? Apply the theme and try the ideas below.

  • Painting. If you can not afford or do not want to paint the entire room, apply a colored border, use foam stamps to stamp a design theme, around windows and doors. They are much easier than you think! You can buy online, stencils or patterns, or use a coloring book to copy designs on the wall with a pencil, then paint with craft paint. There are paintings that seem DaVinci made!

  • Add depth to your wall design. This gives a sense of fantasy to the room. Use contact paper or craft foam cutouts, felt flowers in the garden, or decoupage cutouts of the wall. Cut out a fairy castle of wood (or cardboard or foam core), paint and create a headboard. Use glue or tape and tacks to create a chair rail. Use your imagination! Use magnetic paint and create areas to play around the room, use magnetic alphabets, glue or tape to make checkers game pieces. Start the idea and inspire your artistic side.
  • If you can not afford to buy a new bed set, consider using fabrics that can be purchased at discount stores for just a few dollars in several colors, and can be easily used to create layers of quilts, curtains and pillowcases.
  • Finally, add some personal touches. Make a simple pad with a name, and a marker of tissue for your kids to hang on the bedroom door, or just arrange some pictures and let the family hold the memories close to the heart.

Finally, remember that you are creating memories for your kids, not for the neighbors. The sleeping rooms should be deeply personal, so let your kids feel good in their special place, and you don't need to worry about what people will say if the room does not have barbies or cars. The decor of the rooms is time consuming but very fulfilling. Have fun and give them the space fantasy of their dreams, their heart, not your wallet. You can make a cheap decoration in the bedrooms for kids and at the same time beautiful and attractive.

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