Cheap Room Decorating Ideas

Cheap Room Decorating Ideas

Have you noticed that many of the dramatic changes in the design of a bedroom or living room are directly related to the color and texture of the walls? If hiring an interior decorator does not fit in your budget, why not change one division at a time starting with the change of the painting?

As experts say, the psychology of color is the most powerful tool of a decorator! Whether you choose strong contrasts or soft shades, be decisive and paint!

When choosing the color palette for a room, always take into account the psychological impact of color.

The cool colors like blue, green and violet are very calm and evoke a feeling of relaxation often associated with water and countryside. Blue is an ideal color for a bedroom for its relaxing features. Green can be used throughout the house. The violet color is a very joyful and appropriate for a child's room.

Warm colors like red, orange and yellow are associated with sunshine and fire. They invoke feelings of comfort. Red is a very good color for dining rooms because it symbolizes passion, energy and stimulates appetite. The orange should be considered for the living room, family rooms and bedrooms because it is a less intense color than red but still evokes feelings of passion and comfort. The yellow color is a very joyful and should be used in rooms of the house under natural light.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns and textures. Many decorators are incorporating into their work styles that are usually taboo, such as gray and brown. These colors can greatly increase the richness and depth of a division. Do not be afraid to monochromatic divisions, you can get a very nice effect using only one color. Just that varies slightly in tone. And remember you do not need to paint the whole wall. Set a default on the wall and just paint this pattern or shape. You can also get a very nice little ways to delineate the wall and paint inside and out with the same color but the finish ranging from opaque to shiny.

With a little creativity you will be amazed at the transformation of your living room or bedroom. And all this without breaking your budget.

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