Cleaning Venetian Blinds

If the tapes or cords on your venetian blinds become spotted, or if you want to change the color to match a new decorating scheme, you can buy complete kits of new ones at your hardware dealer or in the notion section of a department store. Usually directions come along with these kits; but, if they are not available, here's how you re-tape the Venetian blinds:

  1. Remove blind from the window. You will note that the tape is secured by tacks to the very top slat, known as the headrail. Remove these tacks.
  2. At the bottom rail of the blind, again remove the tape tacks. Unknot the ends of the cord.
  3. Working from the top of the blind, pull this cord up and out of the route holes in the slats. The blind then dissembles itself simply by sliding the slats out of the old tape.
  4. Tack your new tapes into place by following the old tape marks at the top of the blind. Then replace the blind at the window and replace the slats across the ladder steps of the tape.
  5. When all the slats are in place, simply take your cord and thread it back through the route holes of the slats. Re-knot the cord under the bottom rail and tack your new tape neatly into place.

To replace cords on the Venetian blinds, if the kit you buy doesn't have complete instructions, you can do the replacement without removing the blind from the window:

  1. Remove the tacks which secure the tape to the bottom rail of the blind. You will find that the cords are knotted underneath this tape.
  2. Remove the small metal piece from the pulling cord on the right; this is an "equalizer" which serves to hold the cords in place once you have achieved a straight line in re-cording the blind.
  3. Pulling this loop down evenly, cut it at the bottom. Splice the two ends of your new cord to the two ends of the old cord, using adhesive tape. Be sure to make it a secure splice.
  4. Now untie the cord knots under the bottom rail. With a very gentle pressure, pull these two old cords down from the blind; your splice arrangement will thus gradually pull the new cords right in to replace the old.
  5. Once the two ends of the new cording have reached the bottom rail of the blind, knot them into place and tack the tape back over them.
  6. Going back to the top left side of the blind, bring all your excess cord far to the left, looping it over the small, round device known as the tilting mechanism.
  7. Using the right side now, with the pull cord play the blind into a straight line by releasing cord as it is needed on the right or left side. Once the slats are even, cinch this pull cord with your equalizer.
  8. Your last step-cut the loop still formed on the far left of the blind and restore your small bell-shaped tips at the end of the cords, then tie knots at each end.

Besides the standard Venetian blinds with cords, you may now purchase modern mini-blinds that almost seem to disappear when they are open because they have no tapes. These blinds are constructed with two slender cords, and are easy to care for. A renewal kit for this type of blind is also available.

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