Color and Interior Design Trends for 2011

Color and Interior Design Trends for 2011

With another year to begin, why not paint one room in your house that has been put off for so long? In the list of the colors in vogue this year, will certainly find a tone you like. For 2011 the trends are very comprehensive and will appeal to both modernists and the true traditionalists.

Interior design trends are not a very complicated issue, ans anyone, being a professional or not can follow what is the trend for some particular year.

If you are an addicted for what is in vogue or the trends of the moment this article will be very helpful for you.

With some simple tips you can have your house interior as fashionable as it can be.

Hope you find some useful information here, so lets take a look at the color and interior design trends for 2011.

1 - Green Lime

The trend around young colors, funny and a little child could not pass without this color. Great for children's rooms and play rooms, this color is not only good in modern homes. It can also be applied in country cottages and traditionalists to create a different and happy room to stand out from the rest of the house.

2 - Smoke Gray

The calm blue are popular colors at any time, but with the amount of different tones available, it becomes a little difficult to choose the right color. Trends this year we found some very pale blue that, when mixed with a little gray shades are great for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

3 - Fern Green

Marine and coral colors are on track to be mandatory trend this year. Colors are very good for lifting the spirit and make any room in a nice area in all seasons.

4 - Soft Gray

This year the soft tones of gray will give your home a modern look and make the divisions more relaxed and welcoming. Combined with these shades of wood furniture will create a very elegant look.

5 - Yellow Lemon

The tendency to recover more informal style will increase the use of bright and cheerful colors. Yellow is a color a little too lively for an entire wall but when used to accentuate certain details creates a very pleasant one.

6 - Dark Pink

Combined with a dark floor, this color creates spectacular environments. We do not advise its use for all the walls of a room by being a very strong color. But if you use it properly and the right wall will get a very nice and pleasant look.

7 - Pastel Blue

Influenced by contemporary design and pop and retro culture, this color is great in study halls, libraries and offices. The pastel colors, especially blue really help to accentuate the wood of a division.

8 - Brown Pastel

Ethnic patterns and popular are back in fashion, but the trick is to find a color strong enough to counter-balance the decor. To escape the whites, nothing better than a brown pastel.

9 - Sand

The neutral colors that carry you for Nature are in fashion this year. The brown wood, stone gray and all shades associates will find place among the most popular choices this year.

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jagerfoods profile image

jagerfoods 5 years ago from South Carolina, USA

This is exactly what we were looking for. Pictures and description of how the colors work in a particular room. Thank you for the tips, we're leaning towards the soft gray for our bedroom with an undetermined accent color.

pedrog profile image

pedrog 5 years ago Author

Thank you for your comment, i'm glad to be helpful.

Bmosaics profile image

Bmosaics 5 years ago from USA

I'm a huge fan of the smoked grey minimalist look. If you really want to go crazy add some bright lime green accents which will really stand out.

whitton profile image

whitton 5 years ago

The grays are my favorite! Beautiful. Nice post!

Grace 4 years ago

Beautiful and interesting!

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