color schemes to your bedrooms

color schemes to your bedroom

Color coordinates and blends often reflect into one's moods. Soothing pastels, pleasing neutrals and vibrant dramatic hues when used in perfect harmony can create enough drama for the ideal visual appeal. Often one get's confused about the color scheme and making a choice is almost tough.

Normally, there is of course one dominant color used and then come the accent highlights. Just like semi precious and precious stones that mildly play on our persona so does color.

For example shades of wine enhance the fiery look bringing out the more exuberant factor in you, where as greys and salmon pink make one passive.

A palette of Salvador green coupled with any light or dark shade on nature will bring in the landscape creating a calming ambiance. The serenity and versatility of the shades of blue cannot be undermined rather. It is a cool color lending itself to vastness. The vividness of navy when used in spurts adds a rich dimension to the interior. In contrast with a black it is yet understated.

For example a black and white combination is bold and beautiful where as navy and cream is smart and enchanting.The neutrality of yellow sometimes belies its importance in the color scheme of a room.

Pale yellow will add warmth to your room otherwise stark in its whiteness, yet yellow is neutral enough to showcase the more daring color in the room. Though ocher can recede into the background, it just as easily can become the focal point: think of a bright yellow sunburst on a dark back ground. From pale, sandy yellow to bright tulip yellow to glittery gold, the opportunities and choices for using the color yellow in a rooms color palette are infinite.

Sunshine yellow brings happiness to a room and to its inmate's intern. Pair purple with yellow for a royal effect. Primary yellow energizes when combined with red and blue. Sometimes yellow i a room is not from purposeful color choices; rather, our incandescent lighting has yellow undertones, gibing a glowing, warm cast to ta room. The warm cozy atmosphere can be further highlighted with the correct color accessories. Mix and match it the opportunities are yours, but whatever we say its your dreams and your taste that matters most.

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Gypsy Willow profile image

Gypsy Willow 4 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

My bedroom is emerald green and I love it!

eswar profile image

eswar 4 years ago from India Author

Wonderful, my bedroom is colored with aqua blue which i love most, by the way thanks for stopping by, Gypsy willow.

eswar profile image

eswar 4 years ago from India Author

of course what u say is correct, blue as whole woks great with bedrooms, but some say even red works good.

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