Colors in Interior Design

The Impact of Color in Interior Design

As we all know, the colors are capable of influencing our state of mind. Some make us feel good, others bring us gloom. Given this impact of color in our lives, the right choice in home decoration, is somehow vital. We'll talk about the impact of color in interior design, so you can make your choices and make your home a more attractive place to live.

The Colors in Interior Design

  • Yellow is the happiest color in the spectrum. The combined yellow, in interior design, with purple or blue works very well.
  • White is always neat and attractive, a good way to counteract the confusing thoughts and a full decoration. Combinations of white on white are always clean and refreshing (gray-white, bone white, dirt white).
  • Cream means white with a hint of yellow. It is soothing to the eye, but also elegant. The ivory, oyster, magnolia, vanilla and shell, all these tones fall within this range of color.
  • Bright pink is a positive and happy color, it is a saturated tone with purple and red. It's fun and frivolous in decoration.

  • Blue is the coolest color. Sky blue, shades of dove-gray and pure white, creating a tranquil retreat to soothe the soul, sending a message of calm and serenity. Blue Azure can be bright and vibrant, and create a sense of calm. Pale shades of blue against white, brown and gray colors are calm and gentle to the design of rooms, bathrooms, living rooms. Its subtlety and calm, allowing the relaxation.
  • Red is a more active than passive color, stimulating rather than relaxing. Color of flame and passion, energy, spirit, force, sexuality, love and danger. Red suggests as much love as hate. The rich red is rich and substantial, impressive and seductive. Use it, in decoration, with confidence in large-scale and prominence as obvious to the glitz and glamor.
  • The color orange is an exhibitionist, the hottest color of the spectrum, it can be a challenging and intense color for interior design. The mixture of bright orange with reds and yellows, or burgundy, blends well with plum tone. Orange and purple are a vivacious team.
  • The lilac works well when placed against a white background instead of dark wood. Look for heavy pottery, solid and let go of the patterns, especially floral.
  • Lavender, this color is especially nice in bedrooms and bathrooms, if you want to create a clean and quiet environment. All shades of lavender and lilac are a wonderfully and elegant combination with groups of silver and gray-green.

  • Green is deeply relaxing and is a central color in decorating. Connected to nature and the sea, this may be the reason why people like it so much. The bathroom painted in light green, using shades of apple, pea, and Euphorbia, strong and subtle at the same time, it heats the walls and lifts the spirits. A range of soothing colors. In interior design combines with simple painted wood furniture rather than elaborate or decorated pieces of upholstered.
  • Rust symbolizes the glorious display of colors and shades of autumn. In decoration, it is a tone that works very well when mixed with burgundy, plum, brown and dark red, while the paler shades arise with pale yellow.
  • Plum is a sophisticated color. With a close relationship with the black color, plum is a color that absorbs light. To make plum color look great, in a formal Victorian manner, mix it with ash. The acid green lemon, plum color does have a fresh and modern look. The plum color in itself, is very feisty, even gives it a touch of melancholy.
  • Burgundy is a rich and sophisticated color. It is a shade of purplish red associated with the Burgundy wine.
  • Silver is a color-key for some interior design.

Whether you opt for the red color to the drama and passion for the purple, or pink for emotion, remember that if you want to create a certain environment in your home, or a division, you must keep in mind the impact of colors in decoration. If in doubt be sure to reread the above, to determine how to use colors in interior design.

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