Concrete Pool Building

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Concrete Pool Building

Swimming in pools are always a fun way to relax when you're at home. You can just sit beside your pool in a warm day, drinking a refreshing cold drink and then soak up afterwards. However, it's pretty much difficult to maintain a pool, and hence you should think about this before even getting one.

Concrete Vs Other Pool Types

Basically, there are three pool types common in the industry, concrete, fiber glass, and vinyl. Each has its own advantages over the other, and so it'll be up to you to choose one that will suit your needs.


Concrete pool building is probably the most commonly installed pool type in homes. Here, steel reinforced walls are built wherein dry gunned concrete is shot and smoothed. Paint and other synthetic materials or tiles are then used as finish.

The primary advantage of concrete pools is that it is customizable. This means you have the ability to design what you want your pool to look like, or have it designed by a pool company. Also, you can compliment it with a beautiful landscaping.

Concrete pools however take a very long time to install, though it's the sturdiest of them all.

Fiber Glass

Pools made from fiber glass are installed pretty fast. Basically, these pools are already manufactured and you just pick one that you like, then have them installed in-ground.

While these are not very customizable, these pools do not affect water pH and hence requires minimal chemicals for treating. Also, these are algae-resistant, and hence cleaning them is a lot faster and easier.


Vinyl pools are a lot like fiber glass ones, except that they are a little bit customizable. While they may come as already manufactured, you can still pick the finish and have the pool a little bit tweaked.

If You Already Have a Pool, Should You Renovate?

Its true that getting an unnecessary concrete pool renovation can be costly. So how would you know if you really should have your pool renovated? Well of course, look for signs like (1) concrete pool stains, (2) visibly old tilings - like they're getting yellowish of some sort, (3) Worn out deck, and lastly (4) equipment depreciated. When you notice a majority of these signs, then you should look for a concrete pool builder in your area.

After realizing you need to renovate, or in other cases, build an entirely new pool in your home, the next thing you should ponder about is what type of pool do you want. Just take a look above, it'll come in handy.

Concrete Pool Building
Concrete Pool Building

Concrete Pool Building Ideas

Since concrete pool are 100% customizable, there are a lot of ideas you can put to it. Listed below are some tips that will help get that perfect pool.

  1. Be creative! Try having cascading falls and fountains, and even pool partitions. These will make your pool more playable not just for the kids but also for you.
  2. Have some lights. These lights can be installed within the pool, like in the bottom and the sides. It'll be better if you can have them change colors every now and then.
  3. Have a unique shape and form, and don't forget the landscaping. It really doesn't have to be a rectangle. Also, check out the environment. Remember that the it's not entirely about the water, the outside looks are also as important.

Though it'll be fun all they way, also take a note that you should have safety features in check in your concrete pool building checklist. This way you won't have to worry in the future.

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