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Rooster Decor for the Kitchen

The rooster has been a fascination of art and metaphors since, well no one knows when. The Greek philosopher, Socrates mentioned the proud bird in his writings and so did Julius Caesar. More commonly known as a cock, only North American and Australian residents use the term, rooster, a slang created because of his ability to roost with the best of them.

In the past, Americans have compared the rooster to a type of barnyard animal that was widely used for display in farmhouses. The truth of the matter is that even before Columbus discovered America, the cock was a classic trait in Italian homes. Proverbs teaching facts of everyday life, marriage, humanity and nature commonly refer to the rooster. The Portuguese consider him a symbol of good luck and display proudly. Decorating with roosters has become a very popular choice for all.

As our international designers bring more and more of other cultures to America, the rooster is right in the heart of design. There are now beautiful pastels, bright yellows, greens and reds, browns and neutrals to blend in with your kitchen scene, representative of the keeper of the hens. Glass and ceramic, created by many well-known artists, bring out the realistic detail and well as tasteful framed paintings, available to hang on your walls, watching over your family.

Wallpaper borders can add zest to your dull painted walls whether your style is Old English, Italian, Contemporary/Modern, and yes, even Country. A familiarity welcomes all who enter your domain when they see the relative extension of their own world, the rooster. If you have a bright modern kitchen with lots of stainless steel and dark countertops, place a white ceramic canister set with a rooster design in the corner for an extended touch of modernism.

White plain cabinets are wonderful for using accessories of roosters, towels and runners or a tiny set of hanging chimes above the sink. Wood carvings, clocks, burner covers, not to mention rugs and hundreds of flavorful accessories will amaze you when you see the updated variety of rooster décor for kitchens that are now available. The sites are numerous, the artists plenty and the price within reason for bringing a stunning, yet charming piece of the world into a room where everyone gathers for warmth.

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Rooster Kitchen Decor

Collector's Rooster Plates
Collector's Rooster Plates
Wire Egg basket to hold your freshly picked eggs
Wire Egg basket to hold your freshly picked eggs
why not showoff your tea set of rooosters, invite your girlfriends over to meet them
why not showoff your tea set of rooosters, invite your girlfriends over to meet them

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