Create an Environmentally Friendly Home

Create an Environmentally Friendly Home

In recent years, there has been enough information about changes you can make in your home to make it more environmentally friendly. Gone are the days where you had to sacrifice comfort and sophistication to live in an eco-house. In this article we will give you some hints on changes you can make in your home.

Living room


To make your home more energy efficient, first insulate your attic with recycled fiber. These products are made from recycled paper that is treated with a natural anti-fire. You can purchase these products in a folder that is then injected by small holes in your ceiling.

Sofa and chairs

Choose furniture that always use non-toxic glues, coatings and linings of wool and wood renewed and/or recycled.


As for rugs, always consider those made of natural fibers without synthetic dyes and that are bio-degradable.

Firewood for the fireplace

Nowadays you can buy blocks made from recycled coffee beans which, when burned, produces less carbon monoxide and last nearly three hours.



All walls should be painted with inks containing low levels of volatile organic compounds. These compounds are harmful to your health.


Always choose higher-end appliances and an energy rating as high as possible. Avoid using tumble dryers. These machines are incredibly inefficient.

Recycling of organic

Purchase a small recycler of organic products for your kitchen. Put it the banana peels, eggshells, etc... Then transfer the compound to a larger container in your garage and use it as fertilizer in your garden.

In addition, you should do the separation of waste for recycling and use regular trash bags biodegradable. On average, a couple who make recycling produces only half a bag of garbage per week non-recyclable products.

Water Saving

To save water, get an attachment for your faucet that pumps air along with water. This process will allow you to save around 20% of water each time you open the tap.

Dining Room

Cookware Board

The cook ware table last a lifetime and often pass from generation to generation. If you have a home service inherited from family, use it. Do not spend unnecessary money on new plates and bowls.


We advise that you get a solid dining table made of solid wood. This type of furniture is expensive but it's pretty easy to find pieces of this type in second-hand. Buy second-hand furniture is a good way to help stop deforestation.


Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a good buy for any room. Will help you save energy in summer because it spends much less than the smaller fans and will also help save energy on heating in winter. The warm air rises up and turn the fan on its lowest speed, will cause the hot air to circulate.


Purchase cotton curtains. There are thermal models that can help keep your room warm in winter.

Quilts and linens

Always opt for products of cotton treated with water-based inks.


Buy a water circulation pump and install it under the sink. So, you have hot water very quickly and stop wasting water waiting for this to heat. In the water tank of the toilet, purchase a low-power system and in the bath install a system to insert air into the water flow. With these changes, a couple saves on average about 18 million liters of water per year!

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