Decorating Living Rooms

Decorating Living Rooms

To decorate a house is necessary to base yourself in the art and practice, by choosing objects that help create an environment not only beautiful, nice, that will achieve your goals.

The decoration of the house should be a reflection of who inhabits it. Some say he does not care about home decor, but even those who say they feel better in a well decorated house.

In a house, the living room is one of the most frequented rooms. It is what we seek for rest, reading a good book, watch TV, movies and is where we receive our relatives and friends.

The decor of the room goes far beyond putting sofas, TVs, rachis, rugs and other objects of decoration. The ideal is to start choosing colors.
White walls create a beautiful visual effect, and is accompanied by white sofas and other objects, will be even more enjoyable. If you do not like white, go for the beige, brown and black, as they combine with red, violet, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo.

Remember to check the size of the room. This takes you to have some common sense in choosing carpets, furniture and decorative objects. I learn to use the space so it will not obstruct those who are watching TV, reading or simply talking.

If the room is small, do not worry. You can use the mirror trick or flatbed glass. Just put a floor to ceiling mirror, or a glass desk. These objects create an illusion that the room is larger.

The sofa covers are very interesting for the decoration of the room, because with your sofa gets new life. Besides leaving the mobile tougher, the environment that contributes to keep spotless.

The covers for a sofa can be jeans or coarse linen. It's more interesting to use neutral colors. The raw tones allow the use of colors and prints in the rest of the decor. Use creativity, allowing the covers for couch deem elegance to them.

The use of blanket for the couch, in turn, gives a touch of elegance to the decor, since there are many models for sofa blanket that can be found on the market. However, one should beware of the color combinations. For dark sofas, beige or gray, it is good to use a blanket brown, black or navy blue. As for the strong colors, is more interesting to use a blanket the color of the furniture, but in softer tones. In the white sofas, a blanket for sofa or strong color or zebra printed ounce drops very well.

The blankets, in addition to being decorative, they help protect the sofa.
Tips for Decorating the living room with sofa Blankets:

  • Play randomly blanket over the arm of the sofa;
  • Adjust the blanket to the sofa and from the backrest to the pads;
  • Place the blanket so that only involves the back of the sofa;
  • Place the blanket involving only the sofa cushions;
  • Fold the blanket diagonally and place in a corner.

Of all items for home decor, carpets should be among the last to be purchased, therefore the rugs are the tailpiece of the environment.
Tips on how to use the Rug Decor Fireplace:

  • The size of the rug should be proportional to the size of the environment, for a small rug in front of the couch is weird;
  • The carpet must be at least the size of the sofa, and from under him at least 35 cm;
  • In large environments, it is fashionable to use a rug under which all the furniture can be placed;
  • The carpet under the dining table should be resistant to frequent washing, and its measurement should be 70% higher than the table;
  • The most plush carpets are best in contemporary environments;
  • Carpets and the high should be used in places where people stay barefoot;
  • Carpets can also be used in other environments as rooms kitchen and bathrooms;

Make the decor of your home, and will certainly feel happy and fulfilled!

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Lacy Lilly profile image

Lacy Lilly 5 years ago

Decorating your living room is the most difficult decision you can make, you spend more time in your living room and your moods and feelings can be definitely affected by your living room arrangement and colour. Knowing the present avilable paint, wallpapers, and decorations you can get to help you, have that theme you really wanted in your living room. Expect the unexpected when rearranging your furnitures and decos in your living room. But most of all ENJOY IT.

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