Disposable plastic wine glasses

Plastic wine glasses
Plastic wine glasses

When was the last time you threw a party and were completely nonchalant about whether or not any of your drunken party guests were gonna destroy your home furnishings or your glassware? If you can even remember a time that fits that description, then you probably own some plastic glassware, that you don't give a damn about if it becomes damaged.

Plastic glassware comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are literally as many designs as there are uses for holding your beverages in them. The set of plastic glassware we'll be focusing on is...

Disposable Plastic wine glasses

Disposable plastic wine glasses are great for parties and other social events. They tend to not become damaged or broken as readily as your truly nice glassware, and can be effectively used at the most elegant of functions and while entertaining family and friends.

That's the politically correct way of saying that you don't trust the morons you keep company with, as they tend to drink way too much and break way too much sh-- along the way. Everybody has a friend or two (or several if you dwell in a double-wide somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line) who simply cannot be trusted with your nice stuff, especially when they are drinking to excess.

These would go well with catered events like this Tex-Mex delivery company provides!

Maybe, even you cannot be trusted with the good glassware, as you may be the one who drinks too damn much at times and starts tearing the house down. Disposable plastic wine glasses would be a perfect solution for anybody who has a tendency to destroy the things they love.

Plastic glassware is the perfect accoutrement for outdoor parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, graduation parties, and any other function where there will be people pouring adult beverages down their pie holes, where there will be the potential for at least one a-hole to ruin the party by destroying random stuff.

Providing your guests with plastic-ware will solve the problem of the damaged glassware, as it is so damned cheap to replace. heck, I saw some very reasonably priced plastic glassware that didn't look overly tacky the last time I was navigating the aisles at the local K-mart. Don't judge; I was there picking up a spray nozzle for work, and they have great prices and a huge selection of inane crap to choose from. A curious observation I made while I was there was that the line at the return counter was at least twice as long as any of the open cashier lines... Hmmmm! Anyway, I digress.

so, if you're in the market for some quality glassware that won't break so easily, and you have the wherewithal to make the purchase, then you may want to consider some stemless plastic wine glasses, or some that have stems on them if that's what you prefer. Come to think of it, stemless plastic wine glasses would probably just be considered rocks glasses, or even Collins glasses. Food for thought.

You can do a lot worse than adding these glasses to your collection. Heck, even a set of plastic martini glasses could add a bit of charm to the party, and plastic shot glasses are truly appropriate for all your drunken sots you call friends. I know a few friends of mine that can't be trusted with anything delicate and precious.

Happy hunting... or shopping... or whatever the kids are saying these days...

One more nugget for you to mull over, if you're the type who likes to think about random stuff and ponder the ways of the universe...

Doesn't 'plastic glassware' seem like an oxymoron...?

Perhaps we should just stick to calling them acrylic wine glasses instead...?

Just in case you were wondering, red wine is Paleo friendly.

Check out my Paleo diet recipes hub right here...

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acrylic shot glass 6 years ago

Nice stuff for home bar. Thanks!

Retta 6 years ago

I always use plastic wine glasses when having a party. I have had too many of my good glasses broken, and the more I learn to really enjoy wine, as opposed to drinking it just to get a buzz, the more expensive my wine glasses become. I have friends I won't even let LOOK at my Riedel glasses!

funky23 5 years ago from Deutschland

absolutely nice

aleida_77 profile image

aleida_77 5 years ago from Los Angeles

Are these really plastic? They look made of glass.

Excellent hub, voted up and rated useful.

Canklefish profile image

Canklefish 5 years ago from East Coast Author

Yes, those are definitely made of plastic, but polycarbonates have come a long way over the years.

The dead giveaway is the way the light glares just a bit differently than it would on glass, and the fact that the features have a rounder, thicker look to them. A bit bulky in fact...

Thanks for your vote-ups, aleida...

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