DIY Electric Power Tools

Cordless Drill

For your first electric tool i suggest you buy a cordless drill. With a wide range of drills, tips and accessories, this tool is practically a toolkit by itself. A unit of 12 Volts should be powerful enough for all the work without being too heavy. I advise you to consider models with smart chargers, they are a little more expensive but the battery life is much greater. Some models have a "hammer" function that makes them very useful when working with stone or brick. To work with your cordless drill you will need:

  • Drills kit for metal, wood and stone.
  • Tips kit for normal bolts, Phillips and Pozidriv also.

Electric Drill

The next step is to acquire an electric drill. This drill has more power than cordless drills and also can pack more accessories. Accessories available that i recommend:

  • Circle Cutter - Allows you to cut circles in wood. They usually come with various blade diameters.
  • Cone Tip - Used to create holes in cone on wood surfaces. These holes can then drive a nail or screw, not leaving the head at the surface.
  • Head of sandpaper - these accessories consist of a circular wire brush and allows to remove rust from metal surfaces.
  • Polisher - As the name implies, this accessory allows polishing wood and metal.
  • Ink Mixer - This accessory mix paint before application.
  • Auger Drill - For large holes in wood.
  • Forstner Drill - For small holes and plans.

These are just some examples of available accessories for your electric drill. Logically, you need not buy them all. As you need, go shopping for accessories.

Angle Grinders

This tool comes equipped with an electric motor that spins a shaft at high speed. In this axis we apply various types of disks with different sizes and functions. You can use a grinder for grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing, etc... Be very careful with this tool. The goggles are essential.


This type of saw is very versatile. Uses replaceable blades mounted vertically on the machine. It is the ideal type of saw to cut curves and odd shapes in wood, metal or any type of material.

Circular Saw

They have a revolving circular saw and is used mainly for timber. Use it to make long cuts in large areas. Make sure the model you buy comes with a protective top and bottom for the blade.

There are many more models and types of power tools for different jobs. Whenever you feel the need for a specific tool, consider its price and if you do not buy offsets, you can always rent the tool in question.

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