Do It Yourself Driveway Repair: Easy When You Know How!

Cold Asphalt Patch Is Easy To Use For DIY Jobs
Cold Asphalt Patch Is Easy To Use For DIY Jobs | Source

Cold Asphalt Crack Filler Is Perfect For DIYers

Learning how to do a driveway repair is simple. With cold crack filler you can tackle everything from small cracks to pothole repair. Fixing this damage is the best way to maintain your blacktop. Otherwise water will get in causing erosion to the foundation, and expansion to the cracks. Do not worry if you have already let it get to the pothole stage, it is still easy to fix, and it’s never too late to start looking after your property.

How To Prepare For An Asphalt Patch

The very first step is to clear the area. Remove any and all loose pieces, weeds, dirt, and debris. You need to have a firm, solid base to work with, especially around the edges for the crack filler to stick to. The success of your driveway repair depends on having the surrounding area strong.

Give Yourself A Firm Foundation

Now that the area is cleared, the next step in crack and pothole repair is to have a firm bed. Remember, water has been working away to erode the foundation, and you want to correct for that. Use a combination of gravel and sand, packing it firmly as you go. The goal here is to raise the level so the hole is only a half inch deep, to prepare for the asphalt patch.

Adding Cold Patch On To A Firm Base Of Sand And Gravel


Applying The Cold Asphalt Crack Filler

To get the best driveway repair results possible, you should apply this in two stages. First you want to add enough that you can tamp it down firmly so as to reach every nook and cranny. Be absolutely sure to fill the edges completely and leave no air pockets underneath. The second step is to slightly overfill the area with the asphalt patch but still packing it as you go. This is going to give you an easy way to tamp it down, without having to rent any equipment. Use a piece of plywood that more than covers the area, and coat one side with oil. Place oil side down over your work. This will prevent the board from sticking to the driveway repair. Now you can use your car to drive over the plywood, back and forth, to give you the best tamping down of all. Who knew pothole repair could be this easy?

Asphalt Patch Ready For Tamping


Hang On You’re Not Done Yet!

This is the biggest mistake made in blacktop maintenance, thinking that this is all that needs doing. The final step is the most important, and that is to seal the area. Let the asphalt patch cure for a day or two, and then take a careful look at it. See how unfinished and porous it looks? Like water would just soak right in, right? So take the time to finish the job like a professional DIY-er and apply sealer to the whole blacktop!

That’s All There Is To It

Now sit back, pat yourself on the back for a driveway repair job well done!

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