Why You Need To Use A Driveway Sealer On Your Blacktop

Driveway Sealer Gives Your Blacktop New Life
Driveway Sealer Gives Your Blacktop New Life | Source

Driveway Sealer: For Looks, Yes; For Longer Life, Definitely!

A fresh seal coat turns your driveway to a healthy, glossy blacktop that does wonders for the look of your property, but that is not as important as getting a longer life from your asphalt. Sealcoating protects and defends against all the elements, most especially water.

Water Is The Enemy Of Your Blacktop, In All Forms

When water gets into your asphalt, it causes damage. It wears away the asphalt and erodes the foundation. Even worse, when it freezes, it expands and causes cracks. The longer it is left, the wider those cracks get, and left untreated will turn into potholes. Let’s not forget the damage surface ice can bring to those attempting to walk on it! 

How Driveway Sealer Fights For Your Blacktop

Sealcoating is a layer of protection that seals your asphalt and prevents water from getting in. Just like a freshly waxed car makes the water bead and run off, a seal coat allows the water to roll off your pavement, instead of soaking in. That healthy, glossy black color does even more, though. The black absorbs the sun, and harnesses solar power naturally. Water will evaporate quickly, but even better, it will melt ice naturally and easily. This means you don’t have to use salt or other chemicals that will cause damage to the surface and surrounding areas.

Before and After

Before and After Close Up
Before and After Close Up

Quality Matters To Your Blacktop

Cheaper is not better, and no where is this as true as for an asphalt driveway sealer. The product you buy to seal coat needs to be high-quality, commercial-grade, and best of all, airport-grade. This can be tough to find, even in a home improvement style store, let alone in a size suitable for a home owner. Fortunately, in this day and age of internet shopping, it’s easy to find sealcoating that can be delivered right to your door, in a suitable size, and a premium quality.

Commercial Grade Driveway Sealer Is Easy To Find Thanks To The Internet

That’s Why You Need To Seal Coat Every 2 Years

Your blacktop deserves the best care. By looking after it, you’ll be looked after too. With sealcoating to repel water, your asphalt is protected against the elements. Not only is that glossy black color a great fresh look for your property, it uses the sun for free solar power to keep it clear of ice. Driveway sealer applied every 2 years will add longer life to your blacktop, and keep your home looking great.

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