Electric Fence

Electric Fence

The feeling of insecurity is increasingly present in society and is no longer unusual that neither in our own home we are protected. For this reason, security systems are increasingly on the agenda and are increasingly seen as a crucial element of a house. Ceased to be an extra and started to establish itself as an indispensable part that can not be left out in the house purchase.

Among the many options for security, surveillance cameras are the most required. However, recent market studies show that there was a rise in demand for electric fences for domestic use, especially in the last five years. Given this new situation, it is important to get to know some information regarding this security module, which is both beneficial and dangerous, especially when applied outside the law.

Electric Fence Function

Installation of this component is to deter improper intrusion into the building it protects. It doesn't serves as a form of physically punish the attackers, but for instill awareness of the dangers they run if they try to overcome this security system.

The main purpose of the electric fence is often overlooked by those using this equipment that requires high responsibility by their claimant. Although not officially confirmed, but collected in preliminary reports referred to by some security companies, the real reason why most people install the electric fence is the alleged violence that can cause, but in reality nothing of its essential form of deterrence, the real function of electric fences.

Electric Fence Installation

The placement and activation of electric fences should only be performed by a company duly accredited and licensed for that purpose. Before applying for any, visit companies providing this type of security element, make sure they appear in the list of companies approved for the installation of electric fences in the your country.

The breach of security rules required by the law carries heavy penalties in the courts, for which the owner of the space or building that receives the electric fence must make sure that the contractor is governed by the standards required for these cases.

Should take into account:

  • The size of the electric fence must be at least two meters tall. The ideal size is 2.50 meters, and the 3.5 / 4 meters maximum height recommended;
  • There should be no vegetation within a radius of three meters from the place where electric fence makes contact with the ground. All sorts of objects outside the fence should be kept the same distance;
  • Combustible and flammable material must be more than five meters away from the electric fence and must be placed in a location whith a fire extinguisher;
  • The recommended maximum power for electric fences is 10.000V, with a discharge of energy less than 10 thousandths of a second and a range of at least 1.5 seconds between shock;
  • Maintaining the electric fence has to be done regularly every 12 months. This action should be undertaken by appropriately credentialed professionals for the purpose, which must provide the owner of the electric fence, all the documents certifying the current status of this equipment. These may be required for submission to appropriate authorities in case of inspection;
  • The operation of the electric fence is crucial. This safety equipment must be turned on continuously, only possible thanks to an essential element of any electric fence: a backup battery. The autonomy of this depends on the model chosen by the owner, but regardless, the important thing is to avoid the deactivation of the fence in the event of power failure;
  • Even though they are linked, under the circumstances, to the company help center that installed the electric fence, the owner of this safety equipment must also rely on a control panel, extending the effectiveness of this element and ensuring the possibility of a more immediately to any intrusion, something only guaranteed by central alarm;

Alert and dangers of Electric Fences

It is mandatory signage for buildings or spaces protected by electric fences. These warnings should not only be textual but also visual, so that they can be identified by illiterate people, and is also recommended but not mandatory, the placement of sound signals for the blind.

In areas of contact with the road, warning signs must be posted every five meters. In the remaining length of the enclosed space, without limitation direct or immediate contact with the road, the signs have to be willing, at least 10 to 10 meters.

Due to the imminent danger that represent the electric fences, the company's choice to install them is only about those who are licensed for the installation of security equipment. If this factor is met - which is highly advisable, for your own good - the company will recommend a connection to a central alarm. This automation will allow the warning of a attempt to breach the perimeter to the authorities, as well as a warning to the company that installed the electric fence, which will monitor and control the voltage and space-time transmission of electrical impulses, preventing accidents.

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