Entry Hall Decorating Ideas

Entry Hall Decorating Ideas

Often the decoration of the entry hall does not have the necessary attention, but if decorated in a correct manner, will ultimately enhance the overall decor of your home. A good decorated entry hall shows that the people who live there are arranged and tastefully.

Because they are not like the living room of the house, the entrance halls do not need much furniture, nor excess of decorative items.

Decoration of Small Entry Halls

If the entry hall is small a mirror is sufficient. This mirror, in addition of being a decorative object, also serves to give a touch up in your look, before opening the front door of your home to your visits.

Decoration of Medium Entry Halls

For the decoration of large entry halls, the space can be decorated with a rug, paintings and even a chair or a coat hanger for coats and umbrellas. Usually because they are a place of passage, the entry halls need a well thought out decoration, because they offer an idea of ​​what people will find in the house or apartment.

A good decoration of the entry hall is like a good business card

The entry hall is the business card of your home, because this is the site of entry or separation between social environment and the intimate area of ​​your home. The decoration of the entry halls should serve to welcome visitors and reflects the tastes of the household.

Generally, for decorating entry halls, you should use objects like mirrors, tables, dressers, and an adequate lighting, which will focus on some of the objects to which you want to draw attention.

Decoration of Entry Halls in Buildings

In the case of buildings, the decoration of the entry hall requires some care and patience, it is not a simple task to reconcile the diverse tastes of residents. Thus, the decoration depends on common sense and the ideal is to seek professional help.

When it comes to interior decor of the entry hall of four apartments arranged on the same floor, for example, the decoration should be unique. Thus, it is necessary to talk with residents of the other apartments and reach a consensus. To create a relaxed atmosphere, a tip is to use ceramic or porcelain tile floor in sand color and use a textured paint on the walls, also playing with the lighting. You can still use plaster on the ceiling and thus give more light to the environment. The use of different colors and abstract prints provide a modern look to the decor of the halls.

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