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Free Standing Air Conditioner
Free Standing Air Conditioner

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What are Free Standing Air Conditioners?

Free standing air-cons technically are the same with other air conditioning units with respect to their ability to cool your homes. The difference however is that these units are portable, meaning if you want extra cooling power to a specific part of your house, you'll be able to do so. This is particularly important for certain occasions wherein you have numerous guests.

Split/Window or a free standing unit? While the choice here can be done on preference alone, it is important to know what makes a kind of unit better over the other. Here's some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of a free standing AC unit:


  • Portable.
  • Easily Serviceable.


  • May require space. (unlike split/window types)

In terms of cooling power and efficiency, there's not much discrepancy between the two hence it's more on your preference side of things.

Room Area, sq ft
BTU/hr Needed

Points to Remember In Purchasing Air Conditioning Units

Like with conventional air-con, there's a lot of stuff that you'll need to consider before getting yourself one. These things are very important, as they would pretty much affect your power consumption (and hence electric bills) and the cooling efficiency of your unit. The Air conditioner Guide can be a good reference for this.

1. Room Size. First, what's the size of the room you wish to cool up? According to Energy Star, an over-sized cooler doesn't exactly mean better cooling. In fact, it means you're wasting energy - not to say money.

So what's the best AC unit for your room? This doesn't take a lot of math skills. An AC's cooling power is measured in BTUs per hour (British Thermal Unit), and to know how much BTUs/hr your room actually needs,simply get the room's area and use the table shown in the right. Just take note that the capacity needed may be adjusted depending on the room conditions.

Once you have your needed capacity in hand, try to look for a unit with the specified BTU/hr capacity.

2. Cost and Features. Basically, what you need are features proportional to your unit's cost. Free standing air conditioning units nowadays holds a lot of them. From timers to even different modes with different energy usage. Some even have a sensor that monitors how many people are in the room and automatically adjusts the cooling power to the most efficient possible.

3. Room Condition. Is the room properly insulated? Is it always shaded or is it sunny? How many people are using it? And is the room you want cooled the kitchen? All of these stuff affect how much BTUs/hr are needed, hence you must be able to sort them out.


Free standing air conditioners are basically maintained the same way with conventional conditioning units. What makes them advantageous over the conventional units is their portability, meaning if something goes wrong, you can easily bring them to the nearest service center at hand. Unlike with split or window type ACs where you will need a technician to come to your place and do a check. A good read about can be found here.

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